Games Day 5th July Pics

Forces: Filthy Xeno Tau with the Traitorous Heretic Guard vs The Pure at Heart Sisters of Battle

Result: Technical win by the Xeno’s and Heratics (Moral victory goes to the valiant Sisters 😉 )

Just some pics from the day many thanks to both Rob and James for a highly entertaining day (as usual).  Here’s some random pics from the day:-

5 Replies to “Games Day 5th July Pics”

  1. Bloody cheek, He calls us Heratics when one of the mutant filth just kept coming back from the dead. Now I ask you, is that how good citizens of the Imperial behave?

    A good game over all. Turn six would have been the decider.


  2. Yup, two more turns would have seen the traitors crushed with the Xeno’s 😀
    btw while the battlefield was being cleared a mini rule book was found (not mine)

  3. All this talk of Xenos …. weren’t all those seraphim using Xeno Eldar technology to fly? Good old Imperial technology not cutting the mustard?

  4. Yep, I will put my hand up for the mini rule book. Picked up up big book and forgot I got the mini out as well.

    One day we will get all the rules in to a game.

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