Mini Games Day (evening)- 29th July 2009

Well here it is our first evening games day (!)

The forces: 1250 points Imperial Guard vs Dark Eldar

The battle: Dawn of War – Take and Hold

Quote of the day: James:- “Take and Hold, Dark Eldar don’t have a chance”

Setup: With some good luck the DE (Alan) got to choose table sides and chose the side with 2 of the 3 objectives in their table half.

The Game: After the obligatory HQ and 2 Troop choices deployed the DE started the game by bringing on the rest of their force and firing 2 Dark Lances at the only available targets taking out 2 Guardsmen in flashes of blue light.

The Guard started their turn by bringing on more troops and some heavy weapons and with astonishing accuracy started to reduce the DE. First to go was the unit of DE warriors holding the objective on the DE left, the barrage, fired blind, landed on target and removed all 5 warriors (that’s one third of the DE troops btw). This accuracy was maintained until the main weapon was destroyed by a Talos attack 3 turns later. 🙁

Ranged fire was exchanged in turn 2 with the only incident on note was the concentration of fire on one of the 2 Talos on the extreme left of the DE line, this was followed by a unit deep striking behind the Talos with incredible accuracy, which prompted me to check the scatter die for irregularities ;).

One Talos lost, one deep strike unit wiped out by the other Talos, and the Guard moving strongly in the center to take the third and unguarded objective.

Then the Mandrakes appeared…. using their uncanny abilities they remained hidden until the 3rd turn revealing themselves cunningly disguised as Kroot! One of the units occupied the objective while the second flanked the two advancing Guard units. The center was hotly contested for the next 2 turns with the Mandrakes in the ruin only being finally dislodged on turn 5 by heavy flamer fire from a Chimera!

Turns 4 and 5 saw the rest of the Guard reinforcements turn up and swarm across the center of the battlefield as only the Guard can!

On the DE left the only remaining Talos finally silenced the over accurate barrage and blunted any further moves of the Guard. On the DE right the DE Arcon and his retinue sprang out from the Shrine to meet and destroy a weak thrust from an infantry unit.

All was poised for a climactic struggle on turn 6 to determine control of the objectives – and the game ended there!

A quick look at the final dispositions shown that no-one held ANY of the objectives, the final result A DRAW.

Great fun was had by all!

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