The view from the Dark (Eldar) Side

The View from the Dark (Eldar) Side.

Well, getting to chose which side to set-up on seemed to be a gift – two objectives on my side of the field – can’t be bad to start with.
My plan was to hold one objective (with troops) while refusing the others to the Guards.
My deployment was thus:-
on my right and occupying the Shrine was my Arcon and retinue and Jet Bike Squad, on my left were the two Talos,while the rest of the army was placed in the centre with one unit of troops dismounted from their Raider and  occupying the second objective in my set-up area. The third unit of troops was left aboard their Raider to act as a ‘mobile reserve’, the Mandrakes have special ‘hidden setup’ rules.

After the devistating accuracy of the Guards first turn (troop unit, Raider, Jetbike squad) I needed to move the reserve Raider forward to make use of it’s Dark lance, I also needed troops to cover and take the, now unoccupied, objective in my zone in the centre. So the ‘mobile reserve’ dismounted and headed for the ruin while the Raider boosted the center.

Looking back on the game I’m not sure what changes I could have made – had I known that the game would end on turn five, I would have sent the reserve towards the Shrine (it was closer).

Running two Talos was definitly a good idea they were a fire magnet but their high toughness, 3+ save and multiple wounds ensured that at leas one of them made it into close combat (3 combats in 5 turns). The Mandrakes were another first for me, they did the job that evolved for them i.e. occupy the 3rd objective to stop the Guard from taking it, once in cover then they are very hard to shift.

On the right the Arcon and Retinue were my highest valued unit and it could be argued that they did little, which is true but, they secured that side of the line much the same way that the Talos did on the other side.

Overall I think I made a couple of mistakes  in not having units ‘go to ground’ while receiving fire, not game loosers but might have kept a few figures on the table a little longer 😀


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