Space Hulk

OK so Rob got Space Hulk, I thought that at nearly 60 quid it was expensive.

So Rob came over on Sunday and I got my first look at the new (Limited) Release.

The first thing that you notice is the wieght of the game, the bulk of this is because of the thickness of the card pieces – think standard cardboard times 3 or 4!

The card pieces are beautifuly printed and embossed! and include all of the corridoor pieces, various play markers, doors and a display track for Command, Psy and auto cannon points.

The plastic pieces are split into 3 types, Space Marines, Tyranids and door mounts.

You get 10 live Space Marines 1 dead one sitting in a chair, a Cat (mobile drone) and a Chalice in red plastic and a hoard of Tyranids lead by a Brood Lord all in purple plastic.

The quality of the figures is outstanding, the molded details everything you would expect from GW – and more!

The 11 SM figures are all unique in a variety of action poses – maybe one day they will be available seperatly 😀

The Tyranids have 7 or 8 unique poses with 5 poses being duplicated. Again a lot of animated poses with Tyranids creeping around corners, up through deck plates and on beams. In all a very eye catching and desirable set of figures.

I would start my conclusion by saying that the pictures above don’t do Space Hulk justice. I still think that nearly 60 quid for a board game is a lot. But, given the quality of the product, the playability (Space Hulk IS a classic) and the amount of fun the game provides, I have to say that I think that Space Hulk is good value for money.

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  1. Actually, there are even more marine figures. There are actually two five man squads, an additional survivor of a close combat sqaud with lightning claws and a librarian, as well as the dead marine for twelve live marines and one dead. Thats a lot of terminators!

  2. If you look at the costs of individual bits, its £25 for a terminator squad, so thats around £50 for the two squads, plus £12 for a terminator librarian – already more than the box set.

    Genestealers are £15 for 8, so thats roughly £45 there (especially if you allow the dead terminator and close combat terminator to fill in the gaps), and a broodlord is £12. Obviously you don’t get the same weapon choices you’d get separately, but you do get the rules and board too.

    Thats £120+ to buy the various miniatures in the set!

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