Space Hulk – Mission 7

Mission 7 – The Artifact.

‘Get in, Get the Artifact, Get out’

That sums up the mission objectives, from the SM side the main difference between this and the first two missions (the ones we’ve played so far) is that a) you have 7 SM’s and b) one of them is a Librarian (psyker).

Game 1, I took the SM’s while James took the Tyranids.

With the 7 SM’s I decided from the off that I would splt the force into two, The Seargent, one SM with a Flamer and two SM’s with bolters were tasked to  hold the escape route and the Librarian one SM’ with power claws and one witha bolter were tasked  to get the Artifact.

As the game progressed I was struck by how I seemed to be able to do almost everything that I wanted, three facters contributed to this, reasonable dice rolls, above average Action Points and the presence on the board of  a Flamer AND a Psyker.

The Psyker is a very valuable member of the team as he can use all of his action points to move and then spend some Psychic points to either move the command point marker back one place (1), block a corridor (2), or make a ranged attack (3). The first two are automatically sucessful and the third needs to roll to hit. Together with the Flamer this gave me two units with the abillity to block access to the Tyranids – very useful 🙂

So the combination of  stopping free access to corridors, good shooting and high command point (keep that Seargent allive!) allowed me to complete the mission without any losses.

Game 2, the roles were reversed and James took the SM’s

James used similar overall tactics ie split force, I decided, after seeing how easily I managed to hold off the Tyranids in the last game to try and concentrate the ‘nids and try to overwhelm James’ SM’s at two specific points – that’s when James excersised the same control over the game as I had previously 🙁 My only sucess was to finally overwhelm the SM’ with the power claws in the last throws of the game 😀

Both of us agreed that perhaps one less SM would have made the game a little less certain.

All in all another great evening, many thanks to James


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