Blood Angels vs Thousand Sons

The first battle in Sheffield!  Kipper vs Saint Aidan, with the noble Imperial Blood Angels battling the sorcerous Thousand Sons!

Its not the most perfect setups, as terrain was largely improvised, and the Blood Angels are pretty much just basecoated, but it was a great game.   As it was Aidan’s first game, we used just 750 points a side, and played on a small 4 x 4 field.

The game started on a fairly even keel, with the Blood Angels taking the offensive.  The Imperial forces charged forward, firing at the exposed chaos marines, but did very little in return.  The chaos marines retaliated with a hail of heavy weapons fire, taking down the imperial dreadnought, and with it the majority of the Blood Angels heavy firepower.

Imperial terminators arrived, but got hit by a team of havocs, taking them down quite quickly.  The lack of heavy firepower made the Chaos Dreadnought unstoppable, and the librarians attempt to stop him with a plasma pistol ended up in immolation as the plasma pistol exploded.

By turn 5, every imperial marine was annhilated!  A clear victory for the forces of chaos.

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