Gandalf the Grey (aka Leonidas returns)

Gandalf the Grey

This was going to be my New Years Day post but alas Neapoli Hotspot dropped out for nearly a month! But it’s back now, still a little quirky but we have basic internet πŸ˜€

Interesting doing the foot and mounted versions of the same figure, I completed the unmounted figure first then did the mounted but in future I’ll do it the other way round as mounted figures are more complicated and if I have to make any compromises with the colour scheme I can copy it to the unmounted figure instead of having to re-touch it.

I’m happy with how GandalfΒ  came out.

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  1. That is a great model (and its great to see you back online too!)

    Apart from custom scenarios (ie swapping heros), is Gandalf the Grey mounted in the journeybooks? I know Gandalf the White does a lot in Rohan onwards, but can’t recall a scenario in grey. I’m looking at the minimum number of models to play through the journey books with my lady fair at some point, so just curious as to whether I’d need both.

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