As usual I have lots of stuff on the workbench (er kitchen table)

First is the Drop Pod, well I can’t get the base color spray-can shipped and we’re into winter here (wet/windy) so it’s gong to have to wait ’till later in the year.

The Ruined Tower is still progressing but it’s a HUGE amount of white drybrushing and there are so many other interesting things to do.

Need to do Arwen and Glorfindel both foot and mounted along with Gildor on foot. I also have 25 Moria Goblins undercoated together with a Troll.

I have yet to assemble the Balrog!

Also ready to paint are the Nine this time mounted and the full Fellowship from the Mines of Moria box set.

Work is proceeding with The Battle of Five Armies with just two elf stands and about 15 goblin stands to do.

Other stuff, I have applied the blue base coat to the Space Hulk Librarian but have done no more and have almost completed an Aeronautica Ork Bommerz, I plan to get 2 more to complete a squadron

Spent some of this morning sorting figures and can’t seem to find my Ork Aeronautica stuff – must keep looking 😀

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