Xmas Sheffield Battle Report – Eldar vs Thousand Sons

In the wintery depths of sheffield, the long dormant eldar stirred themselves for the first time in over a decade at the Chaos incursion of the Thousand Sons, as Tazman took over the Eldar and faced Kipper with the Chaos Space Marines!  Yes, for the first time I had to face the unstoppable Wraithlords … who lived up to their reputation!

Both sides fielded 1000pt army lists for a straightforward game of Annhilation.  The Eldar squeezed in not one but two Wraithlords, as well as a Vyper for fast attack, with a Farseer general, Dire Avengers, Fire Dragons, Howling Banshees, Guardians and a squad of Guardian jetbikes.  Facing them were two squads of Thousand Sons, defended by mystical spells and flaming bolters (4+ invulnerable saves and AP 3 bolters!), led by Aspiring Sorcerers, under the overall command of a Chaos Sorcerer.  Heavy support was provided by a squad of Havocs in a Rhino, and an awesome Chaos Predator, while a unit of Chaos Raptors was there to break the enemy assault.

Although the Eldar won the roll for first turn, they decided to go second, leaving the Chaos Marines to set up first.  Hunkering down on the left in a crater, they set up advance on the right, with the rhino and predator being followed by the Sorcerer with a loyal body guard.

The Eldar set up to counter the threat, with a unit of Fire Dragons crouching in a crater, ready to ambush the tanks, a heavy weapon equipped wraithlord, dire avengers and a farseer ready to hold the line, and a close combat wraithlord, howling banshees set up to charge the Thousand Sons defending the left.  The guardian squad with their heavy weapon platform lurked at the rear of the table to provide them with fire support.

From the beginning, the Wraithlords dominated the game, though they caused very little damage!  The Predator and Rhino charged forward, while the chaos sorcers worked dark rites to hit the wraithlords with powerful magics.  Unfortunately, both psychic tests failed  with two rolls of 11, (10 or under needed!), and the predators lascannon caused no damage.  On the left,the psychic power (str 8, AP1) was used successfully, but failed to damage the Wraithlord there, wasting all of the bolter fire as well.

In return, the fire dragons wrecked the rhino on the left, spilling the Havocs out in front of the Dire Avengers, the guardian jetbikes swooped in and broke the Chaos Raptors in a hail of Shuriken fire, while the Wraithlords strode forward.  One wraithlord managed to get a shot at the Predators side armour, but fortunately failed to penetrate the heavy armour, while the other strode forward bravely, though away from the farseer.  The Howling banshees advanced on the other side, managing to run a further 6″, while a star cannon blazed away at the Thousand sons, but their cover saves saw them through.  Not a great start for the Chaos forces!

Turn two, and the Chaos troops tried to regroup.  The raptors regrouped at the edge of the board, but out of coherency, and wasted their movement.  The predator swerved to face the oncoming wraithlord, and opened up with everything it had … to do absolutely nothing. The Havocs opened fire, only to have their plasma gun explode and wound themselves.  Nearby, the Chaos sorcerer and Thousand sons hit the same wraithlord for no effect, while the aspiring sorcerer on the left managed to wound a wraithlord!  One wound of three down, but it again cost the unit all of their bolter fire.

The eldar started of with some unfortunate news – having moved away from the Farseer, the Wraithlord on the right had to test for wraithsight, and was lost in visions of the dead.  However, the supporting Banshees moved forward, ran another 6″, and then assaulted the Thousand Sons in the crater, protecting their slumbering giant from any attacks.  On the right, the wraithlord opened up again at the Predator to no effect, but the Fire Dragon tank hunters finished it off, while the dire avengers massacred most of the remaining Havocs.  The Eldar vyper sped down the now open left flank to swing around behind the Thousand sons on the right.  Unfortunately, the guardian jetbikes advanced to tackle the Chaos Raptors again, but failed to hurt them.

By the start of turn 3, things looked truly grim for the  Chaos forces.  The left of the table was tied up, with thousand sons engaged in close combat – hardly ideal.  On the right, the tank spearhead was in flames, and the Eldar forces were entirely untouched!  Jumping forward, the raptors eliminated the jetbikes entirely, through a mixture of flamers, plasma pistols, and finally chainswords!  Again, the sorcerers tried to take out the wraithlord on the right, but the leader failed his psychic test again, and the other missed the shooting attack!  The remaining havocs opened up on the wraithlord, but achieved nothing. 

The Eldars turn 3 was the final blow to any chance of recovery.  The assault continued to rage on the left flank, with the wraithlord joing the combat at last – though the faster banshees butchered the last marines before the imposing figure could even raise its wraithblade.  The fire dragons finished off the Havoc, while the Dire Avengers opend up on the Chaos Sorcerer and his Thousand Sons retinue, wiping out all of the normal troops despite their mystical shields.

Turn 4 found the battle almost over, but there was still pride to fight for.  Having killed just two banshees and some jetbikes, the Chaos forces went all out to try to take down the Vyper and the wounded wraithlord.  Running from the right flank, the two sorcerers hit the wraithlord with foul magics, forcing another wound … but failing the other, leaving the wraithlord in charge range.  The last raptor jumped forward to try to take out the Vyper with his plasma pistol … only to have the plasma pistol explode in his hand and slay him!

The Eldar opened fire slaying the last raptor and the Aspiring Sorcerer, leaving the wraithlord to hurtle into combat with the Chaos Sorcerer, and butcher him like a helpless lamb.  The battle was done in just four turns, with the Chaos forces slain to a man!

3 Replies to “Xmas Sheffield Battle Report – Eldar vs Thousand Sons”

  1. Looks a great game. Dirty Eldar using two Wraithlords. Sort of thing I would expect form the pointy ear buggars. I ill have to join in some time.

    Although I have been Xboxing I have also been building the new and improved guard army. When it stops snowing the painting will start.

    How are you liking Dragon age? I have it but not started it yet.

    I see you are starting a blood angles army, handy the new codex and models are out Q1 this year;)

  2. Have you seen the full army list – at a push in an apocalypse game, there could have been 7 wraithlords striding the battlefield. That makes me shudder to think of it!

    Its odd how armies do so differently against different opponents – the AP3 bolters and invulnerable 4+ saves for the Thousand Sons more than make up the difference against Blood Angels, but the smaller numbers make them easy prey for the faster Eldar.

    I thought Blood Angels would be next on the release list after tyranids, because of Space Hulk 🙂

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