24 Moria Goblins

These are from the Mines of Moria boxed set

Took just over a week to complete these, there are a number of different painting suggestions from GW on these, in the jourey book the skin colour is given as Catachan Green, but I found that they came out too dark, the Mines of Moria book gives the colour as Camo Green which I think comes out looking a nice ‘oily’ green when done with the Armypainter Dip.

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  1. They do look awesome – I especially like the ones with the swords and shields.

    One question – the bases. I’ve been reading the journey book, and they actually use a very dark, mountain games table, and suggest you match the basing to the play area – so moria goblins match the dark basing, while using standard table colurs for the nazguls in the shire, for example. Been a bit unsure looking forward as whether to bother with it. Are you going with standardised bases for normal gaming areas for all the models?

    1. Took the decision at the start of the project that all the bases would be complimentary as I’m working towards playing ‘War of the Ring’ scenarios (just need a 12′ x 8′ table) 😀

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