Blood Angels!

I popped into a Games Workshop in York on Monday, on our way home, and although I couldn’t buy them, I did get to flick through the new codex, and see the new death company miniatures and the Sanguinary Guard.

My thoughts?  Well, this is going to be an expensive year!  For the Sanguinary Guard, The combination of the wings and the antique looking single exhaust jetpack is gorgeous.  It looks gothic, but technological.  Alan – if you ahd dreamed of an imperial looking wings and jetpack combo for the seraphim, this is it!  Oddly, the sanguinary guard look really easy to paint – they are basically just gold with power blades. 

The Death Company are a great set – I reckon one pack of these would also let you convert an entire ten man marine squad with blood angels details as well as the actual 5 death company marines!  Thats a brilliant way of customising a gorgeous looking army.

The details in the codex are awesome, though I feel its a little bit OTT.  You can get a furioso dreadnaught housing a librarian … with a psychic power option that lets you move as if you have a jump pack…. yup, a dreadnaught with jump movement!   All the tanks based on a rhino chassis are now fast vehicles, and land raiders can deepstrike (though terminators can’t assault on the same turn!)

Given the overlap with basic marines, plus the awesome speed and close combat advantages with the death company, I’m not 100% sure how you’d stop them!  Well, apart from a few wraithlords!  It does detract a little from mobile armies like Eldar (both Dark and normal), and the Tau, but the points cost make the Blood Angels quite vulnerable to enough ranged weaponry.

It’ll be interesting to see how they play!

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