Cave Troll

This is the Cave Troll from the Mines Of Moria box set, it’s a nice plastic model that goes together easily with an option of either a hammer or spear, as you can see I opted for the Spear.

It’s been panted as per the guide in the Fellowship journey book with lots of watered down black used to ‘feather’ the edges of the black/dwarf flesh mix used for the front flesh.

Again the get an ‘oilier’ look I used Armypainter Quickshade, but found the finish on a model of this size was too shiny! So I used a coat of Vellajo Matt Varnish to complete the model.

The model was really fun to paint and with the addition of a nice piece of slate on the base and a minimum of green flock, I’m very pleased with it 😀

Next to do The Balrog and some Wargs!


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