Easter Battle – Thousand Sons vs Eldar

Easter wouldn’t be complete without gaming, so the Thousand Sons (guided by Ahriman and Kipper) went to raid Moonbase Gamma Epsilon, while the Eldar of Iyanden craftworld (guided by the notorious Farseer Tazman) read the signs in the warp, and moved to block them.

The scenario was seize ground, as the Thousand sons moved to secure sites of mystic power, and the Eldar moved to block them.  Patrols in advance of the main force first encountered their enemies, as a dawn of war rose on the small moon.

The Thousand Sons deployed with a small contingent of Rubric warriors led by an aspiring sorcerer, some khornate beserkers to distract the civilised Eldar, and Lord Ahriman himself.  The Eldar patrol consisted of the Avatar of Khaine, leading a unit of Dire Avengers, a squadron of Eldar Guardians, and some sneaky Rangers which snuck onto the battlefield.

Starting with a quick offense, the beserkers charged the guardians, who’d set up a little too close! their charge was less effective than you’d expect, with Khorne failing to hear their feeble prayers, and a quick counter charge by the avatar ensued, cutting them all down, while thousand sons and dire avengers exchanged fired from the cover of some craters.  Though the crater minimised the effect, the snipers were luckier, picking off a couple of the thousand sons.

Turn two began, with reinforcements beginning to arrive.  A chaos dreadnought stormed onto the battlefield, along with a rhino containing a squad of havocs, and a squad of chaos bikers all poured forward, while raptors soard forward to lurk behind a building, ready to pounce.  The Eldar reinforcements all poured on, led by their farseer and a wraithlord geared for close combat.  Two vypers hurtles towards the enemy, opening up on the dreadnought and Ahrimans contingent, while fire dragons poured on to face up against the Rhino.  More shots were exchanged, with the snipers continuing to do a sterling job from the distance.

Turn three was when the blood really started to flow.  The terminators arrived, teleporting into the heart of the Eldar lines, and opened up on the fire dragons and snipers, killing two of each, but the eldar remained unbroken, and two wraithlords charged into the terminators!  With a power fist, one of the terminators caused a single wound, but the terminators were slowly cut down over the next few turns, managing to last till turn five!

However, the tide was definitely turning in favor of the Eldar.  With the Chaos troops being whittled down, their ability to hold objectives was being severely diminished, and the wraithlords were an unstoppable force in the centre of the battlefield.

The Raptors immobilised the falcon in a gap between buildings, halting the Eldar advance, and then assaulted the eldar guardians, only to fall prey to the Avatar.  Hit and run was applied to flee clear, and finish off the dire avengers, taking an Eldar objective, but the Avatar caught up with them and finished them off.

The dreadnought charged headlong at the wounded wraithlord, slaying it in close combat, but perishing in an explosion in the process!

With only a predator, a few bikes, two troops and a heavily wounded Ahriman (thanks to continual sniper fire), the game should have gone to the Eldar, but the Farseer made a tactical mistake, ignoring the objectives, and piling in to try to finish the hated enemy once and for all!

In the end, each side held only one objective each, though the Eldar were at over 2/3rds strength, and the Chaos were almost obliterated – a tactical draw, but a clear real victory for the Eldar (though a moral victory for the Chaos!  Wraithlord down!!!)

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  1. Yeah, yeah, I still had a very badly wounded leader, one troop, and a battered tank left! Its not like you had all your jetbikes, most of your fire dragons, howling banshees, fire dragons, avatar, a wraithlord, your farseer, half your guardian squad, a battered falcon and a vyper left!

    Oh wait ….


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