5 Replies to “The Nine on Horseback”

  1. Nice!

    I’m in a quandry about the 9. Do I look at getting the normal nazgul, or get the custom foot and mounted named nazgul? the latters more expensive, but it would be quite cool!

  2. Yeah £135 is a lot – but then isn’t most of it?
    The grass is GW ‘Scorched Grass’ I use it on the Evil figures to give a darker feel.
    Around the larger bits of water I think it looks quite good although the smaller ‘puddles’ sort of get overwhelmed.

  3. I think the closeup photos don’t do the grass effect justice – in the longer shots, like the full nine, it looks really good.

    I definitely want the witchking foot and mounted, but can’t decide whether to go with “plain” nazgul for the other 8 or the specials. the specials are cool, but don’t look like the film, and for introducing others to the game, I think it could be offputting.

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