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  1. Hi Guy and sorry for dropping of the radar. Been having a shitty time at work (to busy for word but getting there) and mum’s cancer coming back (all fingers crossed, now seems to be under control and on the up).

    So I stated March painting IG but with everything that was going on I went to the Xbox for some quick escape for all that was happening around me. The painting fell by the side. But as all seems to be getting better and with the new IG stuff coming out I have got to make a new start. And seeing all of Alans hard work means I should get my arse in gear.

    So, Alan your Lord of the Ring painting looks great and make me wish I could get a Rohan army going. your stuff looks great.

    Thanks for listen and I will get a Mass effect review up as soon as I finish my second play through. Hopefully some painting too.


  2. Great to hear from you, James! I’m getting a car in the next few weeks, so meeting up for some space hulk and or LotR could be on (both using the smaller space than 40k!)

    Sorry about your Mum. I’m currently looking at starting back into models too, so hopefully you’ll see a profusion of new miniatures on the site!

  3. Hi James,
    Good to hear from you, sorry about the work stuff and really sorry about your Mum, hope she continues on the up.

    Looking forward to seeing some of your IG 🙂

    Great news about Rob (and Ally) passing their Driving tests, it will be so good if you and he could start gaming again 😀

    Glad your enjoying my posts, wish I could do more painting and gaming though!

    All the best

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