Campaign – The Rise of a Daemon Prince

In the Eye of Terror, the Architect of Fate stirs.  Reacing out through the depths of the warp, the minds of two of the Thousand Sons, children of Magnus, receive a dark light of inspiration.

The Chaos Lord Khenti, Dark Master of the warband known as the Golden Wheel, received the vision clearly – a path to to Daemonhood, to stand at the right hand of Tzeentch himself, and bring devastation on the ancient foe, the corpse god and his degenerate lackeys.  His trusted advisor, the Sorcerer Amun, clarified the vision, interpreting Tzeentch’s will, and identifying their goal.

First, a lost tome of sorcery must be recovered from a long abandoned world.  Though dead, some dark peril awaits, invisible to the warp.

Second, the tome will identify ritual components, lost on an Eldar maiden world in the bones of a crashed craftworld.  As many of these as possible must be recovered, each speeding the process of ascension.

Finally, a dark altar must be reclaimed, and the ritual carried out, with the ascension of the Dark Prince Khenti the ultimate prize.  Will this be the strand of fate followed, or will this scheme of the Master of Change go awry?

This mini-campaign binds three separate scenarios together, each of which will be described here.  It could be adapted for a different goal – perhaps an Eldar force seeking to awaken an Avatar, or a Marine force with a poisoned captain looking to serve the Emperor in a long lost dreadnaught.

Scenario 1 – Raid a Tomb World

Scenario 2 – Gather the Lost Artifacts

Scenario 3 – The Ascension

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