Grey Knight Contingent to face the dark forces of Lord Khenti


Brother-Captain Stern (141 points)

Brother-Captain Stern


Grey Knight Terminators (326 points)
Brother-Captain (61), 4 Terminators (184), Terminator with Incinerator (61), Holocaust (20) 

Grey Knight Terminators Squad 2

Grey Knight Terminators (351 pts)
Brother-Captain (61), 3 Terminators (138), Terminator with Incinerator (61), Terminator with Psycannon (71), Holocaust(20) 

Grey Knight Terminators Squad 1


Grey Knights (Justicar, 3 Grey Knights, 2 Grey Knights with Incinerators)  – 195pts

Grey Knights Squad 2

Grey Knights (Justicar, 4 Grey Knights, 1 Grey Knight with Incinerator) – 185pts

Grey Knight Squad 1

Fast Attack

Grey Knight Squad (295pts)
Justicar, 7 grey knights, 2 incinerator 

Grey Knights Fast Attack

Heavy Support

Grey Knights Land Raider Crusader (255pts)

Grey Knights Land Raider Crusader

Grey Knights Dreadnaught with twin linked lascannon 130

Grey Knight Dreadnaught with Lascannons

Grey Knights Dreadnaught with Plasmacannon 120

Grey Knights Dreadnaught with Plasmacannon

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