Scenario 1 – Raid a Tomb World


An artifact must be recovered from an apparently dead tomb world.  The raiding warband must take an hold the objective to study the tomb and runes in its resting place.   This scenario is designed for a Chaos Warband to find a lost tome of sorcery, with a Necron horde preparing to awaken, but could work equally well with other forces – perhaps Eldar defenders arriving from a Webway, or Radical Inquisitors recovering the lost book to use against Chaos.

Attacker’s Briefing

Lord Khenti, the auguries are clear.  The lost tome of sorcery is amongst the strange collection of black structures in the midst of the forest on this strange world.  We must awaken the armour of the Thousand Sons, and recover the book quickly.  Some force blocks my sight, and I fear the tome is not unguarded.

Defender’s Briefing

Invaders, living, and writhing with the cursed vigor of the warp, seem to be approaching.  Your skeletal forces begin to stir, deep in the hollow core of the planet.  Sleep, for now, but awaken when the lowly scarabs maintaining your buildings sense the arrival of life for the harvest.


Woods are set up on each of the two short table edges, extending between 6″ to a foot onto the battlefield.  The very centre of the table requires a portal of some kind – if using recommended forces, this will be a Necron monolith (but could be an Eldar webway, a magical summoning rune for chaos, or a teleport homer for Imperial forces).

Around the portal, the centre of the table should be filled with structures , ideally impassable tombs of some kind. 

The defenders set up any vehicles, and one type of unit.  If using Necrons, this should be scarabs.  The attackers then rolls to see which end of the table (and forest area) he deploys in.

Scenario Special Rules

The defenders are slowly awakening from slumber, (or responding to an alert on a distant world through the webway) and are slow to respond until the presence of life is confirmed.  All vehicles are dormant.  The deployed unit type (such as Scarabs) moves 2d6 according to scatter dice, with a hit allowing the defender to choose their path.  Random moves into buildings means they finish their move by the wall, regardless of additional movement possibilities.

Once the attackers open fire, or a defender moves within twelve inches of an attacker, the defenders awaken – vehicles are no longer dormant, and patrolling units go under the control of the defender with no more random dicing.

Regardless of normal portal rules, the defender may then bring on two units a turn through the portal – one troop unit, and one non-troop unit.  This includes the turn on which the defenders are spotted if a scarab moves within 12″.

Mission Objective

The Attackers must take and hold the single objective placed by the defender in the middle of the abandoned structures.  Any attacking infantry or jump infantry (but not vehicles) can hold the objective, not just troop choices.

Scenario Guidelines

Force Sizes:  This scenario is designed for 2000 points of attackers and defenders, using the standard organisational force charts.

Reserves: Attackers can hold deep striking troops in reserve, but no others – they arrive togther onto the planet.  All defending forces are held in reserve, except for vehicles (which will be deployed but dormant) and one troop type (ideally scarabs for necrons) acting as defenders.

Game Length: 5-7 turns, rolling as normal from the Warhammer 40K rule book

Line of Retreat:  Defenders retreat to the portal they arrive from. Attackers flee towards the nearest forest at either short edge of the table.

Campaign:  If the attackers win, the book is taken and studied.  The strand of fate becomes stronger, and a Greater Daemon will attend the Chaos forces next battle for free.  This is a standard Greater Daemon, not a specific one from the Chaos Daemons codex.  (If not using Chaos Forces, choose an appropriate replacement – perhaps an awakened Wraithlord for Eldar, a Daemonhost for Radical inquisitors).  If the defenders win, enough runes are gathered to allow the lost artifacts for the ritual to be identified, but it will take time to interpret them.  The Eldar will awaken an avatar during this time, and receive it for no points cost. (If not using Eldar in the next battle, choose an appropriate replacement – perhaps an awakened Dreadnought for marines, or an experimental battlesuit for Tau).

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