Scenario 2 – Gather the Lost Artifacts


Having identified the lost artifacts needed for the ritual, they now need to be recovered.  The Chaos Warband must raid the bones of the dead craftworld Palinsor, searching for the artifacts needed for the ritual. The Eldar seek to prevent the Chaos forces achieving their aim, but are limited by tradition – the lost items cannot be moved.

Attacker’s Briefing

My Dark Lord, Khenti of Fiery Axe, greetings.  We have finished translating the information recovered from the Tomb World, and have located the requisite artifacts in the ruins of an Eldar craftworld on an abandoned planet on Eastern galactic arm, on the borders of Imperial space.  While I believe we could improvise sufficient alternatives from the bones of slaves and the hewn horns of Slaneeshi daemons, it would take much longer, giving your rivals more time to interfere.  The more items we can recover, the greater the chance of success for your future ascension!

Defender’s Briefing

Farseer, you have the thanks of the Council of the Young King in this matter.  The monkeigh cannot be allowed to defile the bones of the dead craftworld, Palinsor, and the chance that this could lead to the death of Alaitoc in the future at the hands of a Daemon yet to be cannot be left unchecked.  The children of the Laughing God have already begun to arrive, lending further credence to your warning.  Lead our forces to victory, Farseer, or the death of thousands of our kind will be on your head in years to come.


Chunks of impassable terrain should be deployed to represent the bones of the craftworld.  In addition, ruined buildings and trees should be placed around the board to represent the buildings raised by the few survivors of Palinsor, as they fought (unsuccesfully) against extinction.   Scenary can be deployed by players taking turns, or simply to look appropriate at the agreement of both players – it is suggested that a selection of ruined buildings and wood should be at one end of the table, with the craftworld bones at the other, representing survivors huddingly near the fallen craft in the distant past.

The defender of the items places an objective marker in each of the table quarters.

Next, roll for the choice of table edge – the winner will deploy first within 12″ of the chosen edge and take turn one (with a roll to steal initiative by the loser as normal).  All forces deploy on the table except chosen reserves, which must be able to deep strike.

Scenario Special Rules

Objective taking is handled uniquely – see the Mission Objective section.  Deep Strike is in effect.

If part of a campaign, there will be extra forces on one of the sides – the Eldar will have a free avatar if the Chaos forces lost the first battle, the Chaos forces will have a free Greater Daemon available if they triumphed.

Mission Objective

The items must be gathered by the Chaos forces – the Eldar must prevent this.  Each item can be gathered by the chaos forces by holding an objective for a full turn – at that point the item has been located by the unit holding the objective, and the objective marker should accompany that unit.  Any unit type except vehicles can hold an objective.  If a unit with an item is destroyed, the objective marker is left where the last unit member was cut down.  Units with items can leave the board  – on leaving voluntarily, the item is counted as held by the Chaos forces.  If the unit flees from the board without rallying, they will not be extracted and the item is counted as lost.  If playing as an independent scenario, capturing 3 or more items counts as a win, two as a draw, and one or less as a loss.

Scenario Guidelines

Force Sizes:  This scenario is designed for the standard Force Organisation chart with two armies of 2000pts.

Reserves: Units may be held in reserve for Deep Strike only

Game Length: 6 turns

Line of Retreat: Forces retreat towards their own long table edge.

Campaign Victory:  Items recovered will make a big difference in the final scenario – the Ascension.  Every item recovered will reduce the time of the ritual by 1 game turn – if all four items are recovered, the ritual will take just a single turn!  Preventing the recovery will obviously benefit those hoping to prevent the ascension!

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