Scenario 3 – The Ascension


With translations of runes from the Tomb World, and items from the bones of an Eldar Craftworld, the time comes closer to perform the Ritual of Ascension.  The forces of the Imperium, seeing the danger thanks to the guidance of the Emperor’s Tarot, have assigned their finest forces, the Grey Knights, to prevent the rise of a new Daemon Prince.

Attacker’s Briefing

My Dark Prince, Lord Khenti of the Flaming Eye, greetings.  We have discovered the location of the altar for the ritual, and your moment of ascension approaches!  The corpse god’s minions may seek to stop us, Lord, and the spirits of the the Thousand Sons stand ready to ensure your success.  None will prevent your rise!  The Imperial planet where the altar is located will fall quickly, thanks to your scheme to unleash the foolish followers of Khorne, but we must perform the ritual as soon as possible, to prevent further interference.

Defender’s Briefing

Brother-Captain Stern, you must heed the Inquisition.  We believe a dread ritual is being prepared in the lost colony of New Pleiades, designed to infusr a traitor marine from the days of the heresy with daemonic power.  Should he succeed, a new Black Crusade, with the schemers of Tzeenth in the vanguard, could spill over the centre of the galaxy.  This must be prevented.  Take the Grey Knights, and go with the Emperor’s blessing.


The battlefield should be set up with an altar in the centre of the table, with a standard terrain deployment around the rest of the table.

Four craters should be deployed around the board, with the players taking turns to deploy them.  Each crater should have an objective marker inside.

The Chaos Marines are the defenders in this scenario, and will set up first, no further than 18″ from the Altar.  In addition to their forces, they can also deploy a set of barricades to aid their defense of the ritual.

The Grey Knights, as attackers, roll for which table edge they deploy on.  They cannot start within 18″ of any enemy figure.

Scenario Special Rules

Each of the craters represents an Imperial defense point, destroyed by the Chaos Warband.  Each location may hold a surprise for those who move onto the objective marker.  Roll a dice:

1 – an unexploded shell detonates. (strength 5, AP3 large blast centred on the objective marker)

2 – an unexploded grenade detonates (Strenth 3, Ap5 blast centred on the objective marker)

3-4 – nothing happens.

5 – You’ve found survivors.  Chaos – D3 Khorne bezerkers.  Imperial – D3 Imperial Fist Space Marines.

6 – You’ve found a hidden bunker! – Chaos – 2d3 Khorne Bezerkers, including Skull Champion.  Imperial – 2d3 Imperial Fists, including Veteran Sergeant.

The Ritual itself is a special rule, defined under mission objectives.  Deep Strike is active, as are reserves.

If the Chaos Forces had a free greater daemon in the second scenario, and it wasn’t banished, it can be deployed for free as a Lord of Change in this mission, as Brother-Captain Stern leads the Grey Knights.  (If not using Grey Knights, it can still be deployed for free as a standard Greater Daemon)

Mission Objective

Chaos Lord Khenti starts next to the Altar in the centre of the table, undertaking the ritual of Ascension.  He must be slain or engaged in hand to hand combat to interrupt the ritual.  If engaged in hand to hand combat the ritual is only delayed – the countdown resumes (not restarted!) once the comabt is over.

The ritual takes 5 turns to complete, with every item recovered in the previous scenario reducing that by a turn.  If all four items were recovered, this ascension is complete at the end of turn 1!  If playing this scenario as a stand alone mission, assume that there are two items, and the ritual will take 3 turns.

Once the ritual is complete, Chaos Lord Khenti should be replaced by a Daemon Prince.  If the Daemon Prince survives to the end of the battle, the Chaos forces win.  If the ritual is prevented, the Imperial Forces win.  If the Daemon Prince arrives, but is banished, the result is a draw.

Scenario Guidelines

Force Sizes: This is designed to be fought with standard Force Organizations with 2000pts on each side.

Reserves: Yes, by choice of the players.

Game Length: 5-7 turns, rolling from turn 5 as per 40k main rules.

Line of Retreat: Chaos troops fall back towards the altar in the centre of the table – if they fall back and reach the altar, they are presumed sacrificed to the gods.  Grey Knights fall back towards their table edge.

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