The Battle of Whooton Mhey

The Battle of Whooton Mhey.

 Having found myself with a ‘free’ Sunday I decided that it would be a games day, so I set about preparing.

The only ‘set’ that I could lay my hands on quickly was the ‘Battle of Five Armies’ so I decided to run a Warmaster Battle with those forces but, whle I was digging out the terrain from the shed I found my Kallistra Rat-Men army!

So instead of a Human/Dwarf/Elf Alliance against Goblins they would fight against Skaven!

A great deal of ‘counts as’ was used together with a quite a lot of imagination!

All the pickies can be found here:-


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Most of the text was written as the action took place.


The Skaven Grey Seer Skreechnor has lead an army out of the tunnels and into the light to wreak havoc on the land. After ravaging and destroying many towns and villages the horde is now approaching the Mhey ford on the river Hem and thence to the market town of Whooton Mhey.

An alliance has been formed between Dwarves, Men and Elves with the goal of destroying Skreechnor and his army, to that end a mighty army is being formed in the north many leagues from Whooton Mhey, too far away to be of any help, so the town master sent out messengers, he received two replies, an Elf army that has been shadowing the Skaven will head for the town and should arrive ‘shortly’ and a Dwarf contingent have moved overland but couldn’t make it to the town before the Skaven and have established a fortified position just off the great road. The scene is set.

The forces.


  1. Grey Seer on Screaming Bell – 250 pts
  2. Hero  – 70 pts
  3. Warlock  – 30 pts
  4. Rat Swarm x 1 – 25 pts
  5. Jezzails x 2 – 160 pts
  6. Clanrats x 3 – 120 pts
  7. Gutterrunners x 6 – 360 pts
  8. Warp-Lightning cannon x 2 – 50 pts

Total – 1115 pts



  1. General – 155
  2. Warriors x 2 – 210
  3. Flame Cannon x 1 – 50

Total – 415


  1. Hero – 80
  2. Wizard – 45
  3. Halberdiers x 1 – 45
  4. Bow x 1 – 80

Total – 225


  1. General – 155
  2. Spearmen x 2 – 120
  3. Bowmen x 2 – 150
  4. Eagles x1 – 70

Total – 495

Alliance Grand Total – 1120

The Rules.

 Warmaster rules are being used, the Elf army is force marching towards the town and the head of the column will enter the South west corner of the map from turn 2 after a 6 has been rolled on 1d6 add 1 to the die roll for each turn after turn 2.

Units that start their move on the great road and move wholly on it add 10cm to their move distance.

Magic is in use!

Skaven move first.

Turn 1.


The Skaven hero successfully orders a unit of Clanrats and a unit of Gutter Runners forward unfortunately he fails in his attempt to move the Jezzails!

In disgust Skreechnor orders the warp-lightning cannon forward and then two units of Gutter Runners but fails when trying to order the Ratswarm L

Thus ends the Skaven first turn hardly the best start for an all-conquering army!


No units move but the Dwarf Flame-cannon is to fire, 2d6 are rolled and a double 2 is scored! – checking the misfire table (for a double) – the target is covered with hot embers, smoke and soot and 4 hits are scored with no ill effects to the cannon, only 1 hit is saved giving 3 hits the unit is removed – first blood to the Alliance and food for thought for Skreechnor.

Turn 2.


(Skreechnor) Thlmmm!

The Warlock successfully casts ‘Skitterleap’ and transports himself onto the hill overlooking the Dwarf position but fails to be able to cast any other spell.

The hero orders the Warp-lightning cannon forward which brings it in range of the Dwarves. Next he orders the column of Jezzails and Gutter Runners forward then the Rat swarm. His next command failed.

Skreechnor successfully ordered most of the rest of the army onto the road ready to advance.

No more movement but the Warp-Lightning cannon blasts at the Dwarves, it gets 6 shots! (1d6) with 5or 6 needed as the Dwarves are in a defended position. 4 hits with 1 being saved, but three remain and one Dwarf unit is removed the remaining unit doesn’t become confused.


No Elves this turn L

The Alliance Wizard teleports to the crest of the hill behind the Skaven Warlock – but is unable to cast any further spells L

The Dwarf Flame-Cannon opens fire on the Rat Swarm with 4 shots – 1 unsaved hit and the Swarm is driven back 1cm.

Turn 3.


(Skreechnor) Onward! Onward!

The Skaven Hero ordered the swarm forward and the Warp-Lightning cannon into a better firing position and fires at the Dwarf Flame-Cannon with 3 shots, scoring 2 hits and no saves, the Dwarf cannon is destroyed!

The Warlock successfully casts Warp-Lightning but fails to hit.


No Elves (again!)

With the destruction of the cannon the Dwarf general gives the order to withdraw and the Dwarves start to move back towards the town.

The Wizard failed to cast ‘Ball of Flame’ and with little to do now but wait the Alliance turn ends.

Turn 4


(Skreechnor) Fashter! Fashter!

Skreechnor successfully ordered the leading elements of the army down the road towards the town with the Hero commanding the rest of the army except the swarm who are out of command range, so the Warlock moved closer to them in order to try to move them next turn.


The Elves have arrived J

And move onto the board.

The Dwarf general continues to move his remaining command towards the town while the Wizard once again fails to cast ‘Ball of Fire’.

Turn Five


(Skreechnor) Even Fashter! Even Fashter!

Skreechnor urged his troops down the road bringing the Jezzails at the head of the column in range of the town. The Skaven Hero drove the remainder of the army in the wake of the leading column while the Warlock failed to move the Swarm he ‘Skitterleaped’ to behind the Elves but was unable to cast any more spells.

Meanwhile the Jezzails opened up on the Halberdiers scoring two unsaved hits and driving them back from the defences.


The Halberdiers were successfully ordered back to the defences and the Dwarves moved out of the lea of the hill to threaten the flank of the first Skaven column. Unfortunately there seems to have been some confusion with the Elves as the infantry continued to advance but the Eagles remained on their perches!

Nonetheless the Jezzails were in range so the archers shot, 2 hits both bounced off armour – no effect. The Wizard (yet again!) failed to cast ‘Ball of Fire’

Turn 6.


(Skreechnor) Achack! Achack!

The Jezzails were ordered to either side of the road while the mail column was moved forward ready for the assault next turn. The second column followed up.

The Jezzails once again opened fire at the Halberdiers scoring 2 hits and driving them back for the second time.


The Halberdiers were once again ordered back to the defences, the Dwarves moved to take up position to the rear of one of the Jezzail units and the Elves advanced with the Eagles attacking the head of the Skaven column.

The Wizard (not surprisingly) failed to cast ‘Ball of Fire’, the archers fired on the other Jezzails, scored 2 hits and drove them back 6cm.

The Eagles attacked the Gutter Runners at the head of the column but were driven off  with no casualties on either side.

Turn 7


(Skreechnor) Againsh! Againsh!

The Gutter Runners at the head of the column didn’t wait for any orders and charged ahead into the human defences. The Jezzails did an about turn to face the Dwarves while a unit of Clanrats failed to respond to their orders. The Second column continued it’s advance down the Great Road (slowed by the Warp-Lightning cannon).

The Jezzails fired at the Dwaves with no hits, the two Warp-Lightning cannon then opened up hitting a total of 6 times, 4 of which were saved. The Warlock then ‘Skitterleaped’ to the rear of the Dwarves but failed to cast ‘Warp-Lightning’. The Grey Seer also failed to cast ‘Warp-Lightning’ against the Eagles.

Although the Gutter Runners failed to score any unsaved hits on the Halberdiers (and vice versa) the Skaven won the combat by sheer weight of numbers forcing the Halberdier to withdraw with the Skaven tearing down the gate and pursuing them into another round of combat.

The Halberdiers lost the second round of combat suffering 4 unsaved hits while inflicting only 2 on the Skaven and were driven back 11cm and lost one stand.

Further combat drove the remnants of the Halberdiers back and destroyed them without further loss to the Skaven.


(Human Hero) Ouch!

The Dwarves charged into the Jezzails, the Human bowmen turned to face the oncoming Gutter Runners, The Eagles attacked the Gutter Runners in the town while the Elves advanced to within bowshot of the other Jezzails.

The Wizard teleported onto the Great Road in front of the second Skaven column and then successfully cast ‘Ball of Flame’ (way to go wiz!). The resulting fireball swept down the column destroying one Warp-Lightning cannon and driving two other units off the road.

The Human archers shot at the Gutter Runners and drove them back 2cm.

The Elven Archers shot at the Jezzails and scored 4 unsaved hits removing one stand and driving the unit back 18cm.

The Dwarves inflicted 3 unsaved hits on the other Jezzails removing one stand and driving them back 13cm without loss and followed up for a second round of combat which was drawn.

The Eagles attacked the Gutter Runners in the town and in two rounds of combat drove them back and destroyed one stand.

Turn 8


(Skreechnor) Do what I shay! Do what I shay!

Skreechnor ordered a unit of Gutter Runners to charge the rear of the Dwarves and moved the remaining Warp-Lightning cannon off the road but the rest of the army refused to move.

The Warp-Lightning cannon opened fire on the Elves but missed!

The Gutter Runners resumed their combat with the Eagles and were driven from the field!

The Dwarves and their General, surrounded, fought to the last man.


(Human Hero) Oh Dear!

The Human Archers and Eagles charged into the Gutter Runners.

The Elven Bowmen formed a line and the Elf Spearmen just stood there(!)

The Wizard failed to cast ‘Ball of Fire’ (really?).

The Elf bowmen targeted the Wapr-Lightning cannon destroying it.

The Human bowmen and Eagles score 4 unsaved hits to 1, removing one stand and driving the others back, but being unable to displace the unit to their rear are destroyed instead.

Turn 9


(Skreechnor) Kill them! Kill Them!

Skreechnor commanded the Jezzails in front of the town back into the fight with support from a unit of Gutter Runners, while the Skaven Hero consolidated the rest of the army and started them forward again.

The Skaven Warlock Successfully cast ‘Warp-Lightning’ against the Eagles inflicting 2 hits and driving them back.

The Jezzails fired at the Eagles but Failed to hit.

The combat was resolved right through the town in multiple rounds with the final result being defeat for the Halberdiers and their General and the Jezzail unit being reduced to one stand.


With the town fallen the Elves quietly slipped away to join the Great Army being assembled in the north.

Nine turns and nearly 7 hours of manoeuvre and combat, bit of an epic. I thought that the Skaven would win comfortably and quickly but it was a bit of a slog for them even though the Elves were a bit ‘ploddy’, the Eagles did sterling work and were a great asset, but I didn’t ‘go for it’ with the Elf general in an attempt to move the troops along. I should have issued multiple move commands. I also should have taken an Elf wizard. Ok the human wiz wasn’t but, when ‘Ball of Fire’ did work it disrupted almost half the Skaven army for a complete turn giving the Elves valuable time (which they didn’t use).

I look forward to fighting the next battle in what looks to be a bit of a sequence (maybe next time I’ll get less of the rules wrong 😉 )


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