Campaign Update #2

The Campaign for the South update #2


In retreating from crossing some elements of The Imperial Army of the South came into contact with elements of the Rat army and faired poorly  so that the Imperial army was split and had to make it’s way to Lakedemo piecemeal. As a result The Imperial Army of the South has cease to exist as a fighting force. Eric, a few officers and a few hundred men arrived in Lakedemo to find preparations for war well under way under the command of Sebastian, Strategos of the Lakedemo Theme. Eric, surprisingly kept his head and was promised a post in the new force.

The Rat army finally assembled back at Crossing to reorganise and await the return of their general Skreechnor who had been away in the South West gathering allies for the next phase of the campaign.

The Campaign System:-

I have continued to run the campaign on the old map to ‘run out’ this phase of the campaign, the skirmishes mentioned above did take place and were managed entirely by the campaign system, the results left the Rats even more exhausted and the Empire force in tatters!


Acting as GM I decided that now was the point to shift to the ‘other’ map and generate new ‘reorganised’ armies, with both sides set to add allies/more units the next confrontation should be interesting but first, I need to do some painting! 😀


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