New Rules and a Campaign

Back in the day, when Sue and I were planning our move to Crete I forsaw a need for a gaming opponent, so I started looking for a computer based one (not that a mere computer could in any way replace Rob or James) anyway, I found a company called Computer Strategies and I got a couple of their rulesets. The one that I’ll be using first is Scull Cleaver the fantasy set, you get a very good overview from the above web site.

I had first planned to run a series of battles using the system but, as I re-read the manual I decided to turn it into a full blown campaign.

So this is the Southern part of ‘The Empire’

The process is to creat (or get) a map (I did this one in paint) import it into Skull Cleaver and then designate all of the terrain types using a square grid (you choose the size) add depots, usually towns or cities, declare the number of sides and armies, position the armies (these must have already been created in Scull Cleaver) and go!

So the details of the campaign:-

Key:- Grey = mountains, Blue = seas, lakes & rivers, Yellow = Hills, Light Blue = Swamp, Green = Forrest (no effect in the game), Purple = Cities and Major Towns (Depots), Red Lines = Major roads.

The major rivers are navigable by large (Medium Sized seagoing) craft from Empirios (the capital) to the large central lake and from Alexandros to Ruad all other rivers are navigable only by smaller (specialist) river craft.

This campaign tracks the progress of the Rat Hoard invasion of the Empire from the south, the starting forces are the main Rat army occupying Whooton Mhey being followed by a column of reinforcements. The Empire has five major field armies located about the Empire but only one in striking distance of the Rat Hoard.

The Campaign system will track Weather, Supply, Fatigue, Morale, Scouting and is capable of resolving battles if required although for major encounters the armies will be exported and then imported into the ‘Solo’ battle module to fight a table top battle, once done the results are re-imported into the Campaign system and final adjustments made to the Army rosters – more on all of this as the Campaign progresses.

The Campaign starts with the Empire ‘Army of the South’ marching south towards Whooton Mhey to engage the Rat Hoard.

The Rat Hoard after scouting to the north moves out of Whooton Mhey and makes contact with the Empire, the Rat support column moves off the Great Road north east towards Whooton Mhey – and this is where the system threw its first curve when it decided that the support column had also made contact with the Empire!

So three army list were exported and the Empire looks like making a fighting withdrawal as the first Campaign battle

I’ll publish all the lists as part of the Battle report.

The system seems flexible enough although a lot of thought needs to be put into it, as the Campaign progresses you are able to add more armies and modify the existing ones I hope to introduce a navel element (need to build the ships first though) .

Well that’s about it for now if all’s well I’ll fight the battle this Sunday/Monday and hope to have a battle report/campaign update mid next week.

A.  😉

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