The Campaign for the South – An Update.


Following the Battle of Whooton Pass Eric the Chain made a ‘tactical withdrawal’ back to Crossing to rest and re-supply what was left of his army.

The victorious, but exhausted Rat army moved back to Whooton Mhay to do likewise, before setting off to pursue the Empire army.

Following some skirmishes outside Crossing in which the Empire were victorious the main Rat army stormed the town driving the Empire forces out.

The Rats consolidated their position on the town while Eric and the Empire forces once again started out on a long retreat north.

The Campaign System:-

Once again I’ve found that the scale I’ve used is too small.  Moving  the armies from town to town is taking a bit too long, the campaign sequence is:-

1. Issue New orders (ie Move North) once orders have been issued you can just exit this each turn and go on to Movement.

2. Movement – your orders are carried out. On a long march though the army may get ‘strung out’ and will need to be consolidated before combat

3. Scouting –  each of your commanders will give a report, if you have issued a ‘Scouting’ order in 1 then these reports will give you (some) advanced warning

4 Fight (any) Battles. If contact is made with the enemy then you have the option of exporting the army files to use in the Battle Module (to fight a table top battle) or to have the Campaign System fight the battle and apply the results, this is what I did above.


As far as scale in concerned I’ll re-create the campaign, when you create a campaign there is an option to set the per turn move in terms of day’s I’ll try adjusting that (it can’t be done in a running campaign).

The other thing I’ll do is to reduce the number of commanders, the manual suggests following the format Left Wing, Centre, Right Wing, having any more doesn’t seem to give any advantage and only ‘clutters’ the system with extra work and reports

The other change I’ll make is to the Magic users, when you set them up you get to choose the type and qty of spells they can use, I misunderstood and thought that the qty was the number of ‘casts’ available during the battle – it’s actually each TURN – a wizard with 10 fire balls to shoot each turn is quite formidable! Also each ‘casting’ adds to the cost of the wizard an as I only cast once per turn with the wizards its making them overpriced!

Overall all the above is just gaining experience.  😀


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