Warhammer 40K – The Battle for Alpha Canus VI

[Well, a brief game of 40K was played over the weekend, though it was unfortunately cut short by time constraints after just three turns!  Chaos Spaces Marines took on the Eldar in a annihilation game, with the Dawn of War scenario.  Photos will be added later – there were a couple of live tweets and photos at the time 🙂

Initial Setup

Both the Thousand Sons of Lord Khenti and the Eldar forces made planetfall, and sent out scouting parties during the night.  The Chaos forces reached the abandoned imperial settlement first – a unit of Thousand Sons roared forward in their trusty rhino, while Lord Khenti, the Daemon Prince, lurked in the shadows and another unit of Thousand Sons settled into secure fortifications.  Shortly afterwards, the glowing form of an Avatar of Khaine illuminated the darkness in the centre of the battlefield, while a veritable horde of eldar guardians prepared to pepper the Chaos forces with their starcannon, and Pathfinders deployed on a hill to destroy the enemy from afar.

Turn 1

The forces of chaos pressed forward, with the rhino hurtling forward, allowing the Aspiring Sorcerer to call on his psychic powers to smash at the pathfinders with a bolt of change, while a marine opened fire with his bolter, killing two of the rangers.  The other aspiring sorcerer and the Daemon Prince Khenti both tried the same on the Avatar of Khaine, causing a single wound to the red hot form.

In return, the Avatar charged forward, looking to close on the arrogant marines.  The pathfinders tried desperately to find a weak point on the rhino closing on their position, but the machine, after 10,000 years of fighting, was invulnerable to their best efforts.  The starcannon, manned by the Eldar guardians, killed a single marine.

Honours were on the chaos side, but nothing definitive had swung the battle as yet.

Turn 2

The chaos powers made themselves known, as almost the entire chaos force arrived this turn – the only hold out was a greater daemon, still summoning its powers in the warp.  Another rhino, with the Chaos Sorcerer Amun and a unit of Thousand Sons, roared onto the battlefield.  A unit of lesser daemons, guided by the icon of chaos, appeared in front of the Avatar of Khaine, blocking his advance.  A defiler stamped onto the hill on the east of the field, opening up with his Autocannon to kill an Eldar guardian.  Terminators materialised near the lead rhino, as the thousand sons on board disembarked after it advanced with their own icon.  Raptors dropped from the sky, hoping to annihilate the remaining 15 Eldar guardians, but unfortunately the wind gusted, shifted them a little too far away.  Havocs charged onto the battlefield, looking for a position to deploy and annihilate the eldar with heavier weapons.

The lead Thousand Sons and Terminators annihilated the pathfinders, while the raptors killed three more guardians.  The fortified thousand sons and the daemon prince lashed out at the Avatar of Khaine … and brought the Eldar god down!

However, the chaos advance had scattered their forces across the table, and eldar reinforcements began to arrive. Karandras, the Shadow Hunter, arrived with 8 Howling Banshees in a wave serpent, moving on to face the terminators and thousand sons, as a unit of wraithguard and a wraithlord arrived in support.  Dire avengers moved up to support the guardians against the closing lesser daemons and raptors.  Swooping hawks dropped from the sky, only to hit the same winds that affected the raptors, and dropped into the woods, with two of their number falling prey to sharpened branches in the trees.  Only the firedragons in their falcon and one of the wraithlords stayed hidden, waiting for the opportune moment to strike.

The wraithguard, banshees and wraithlord opened fire on the terminators, managing to kill just a single one!  The forces of tzeentch strengthened their armours with eldritch sorcery!  The dire avengers and guardians annihilated the raptors, in revenge for the fallen Pathfinders.  The situation was mixed – the forces of chaos were more dispersed on the battlefield, compared to the eldar solid contingent, but their early blood letting gave them the weight of firepower.

Turn 3

The terminators, wary of their firepower, charged forward, opening fire on the wraithguard before charging into close combat, intent on selling their lives dearly.  The champion of the havocs writhed in pain, and burst apart, as a Greater Daemon entered reality through his flesh, while his men scatted forward, intent on the foe.  Lord Khenti left the shadows, and led the summoned lesser daemons on an advance toward the weak mortals.  The thousand sons near the front opened fire on the swooping hawks, slaughtering a further two, leaving only the Exarch.  The terminators slew two of the wraitguard, but the nearby wraithlord stood ready to join the combat.  The defiler opened fire with his ordinance, but the massive shells again caught in the wind, and spun off the battlefield.

Another wraithlord strode onto the field, but the eldar falcon and fire dragons had suffered difficultieswith the choking winds and still had to arrive.  The eldar guardians managed to wound the daemon prince heavily before charging into close combat, hoping the warlocks witchblade could finish him off, but the guardians fell in droves as the unfamliar weapon twisted in the warlocks hands.  The dire avengers slew two lesser daemons, but their eldritch nature was suprisingly resilient to the shurikens spinning through the air.  Wave serpent and wraithlord opened fire upon the leading rhino, but failed to hit in the duststorm caused by the tempest in the air.  Another two terminators fell to the intervention of the other wraithlord, but they continued to hold out.  The eldar forces were proving unusually ineffective!


The forces of Chaos managed to annihilate the Avatar and the poor pathfinders, while losing only their raptors in return, giving the dark powers the technical victory.  Arguably the tactical situation favored the Eldar, and the battle may have been turned if the eruption of a warp storm had not required both forces to retreat off planet, and a draw was declared, with both sides looking to settle the score at a later date.

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