A quick update…

..as my internet link is working at the moment here are som of the things that I’ve completed since I was last on line:-

Kallistra Pikes

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Kallistra Pikes

As you can see I haven’t completely abandoned 28mm stuff but the bulk of my work has been on the 10/12mm.

This month I plan to run a small Naval skirmish using the Macedon & Rome computer moderated ruleset (the Navel part of this seems almost the same as Skull Cleaver but is more up to date), I’ll only be using card counters for the ships though, but it will form part of the overall ‘Empire’ campaign. I’m also planning another land battle in the campaign.

Other stuff on the workbench is more Imperial re-inforcements and some allies for the Rats!

enjoy 😀


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  1. Looking forward to the Naval Battle report. I am in the process of reviving an old Mighty Empires campaign using Skull Cleaver and Battle Chronicler.

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