Abandoned Imperial City Garathon VI – Remembrances Lost

    Eldar militia face the might of the Thousand Sons

At the borders of Imperial Space, the Eldar Farseer Jaleneth bent his mind to the future, and saw disaster for the sector. the evil lord Khenti had located a long lost trove of grimoires, recorded by remembrancerers as long ago as the Great Crusade, even before Horus fell to darkness.

With no option but to use the craftworld militia, bolstered by a few wraithguard and dark reapers, the farseer moved to war.

I wanted to try a different approach with the eldar, and fielded 6 troop units, 4 of which were guardian squads, with some Dire aAengers and some Rangers, upgraded to Pathfinders.  Backing them up (to reach the 2000pt limit) were the Farseer, 2 Vypers, and a unit of Wraithguard, a Wraithlord, Dark Reapers and Guardian jet bikes.

Without much time to pick the list, i used the default tricked out units from my total 5000pt list, which wasn’t really a good option for the horde – fewer special additions and more numbers would have better!

Aidan went with a defiler, two rhinos, a large unit of havocs, three units of thousand sons, a greater daemon, lesser daemons, a chaos lord, a chaos sorcerer and a unit of terminators.

We were playing on a 4′ by 4′ battleboard, which didn’t leave much room for maneuver!

The scenario was capture & control, and the deployment was Dawn of War. Both of us cursed as our cunning deployment plans were scuppered by only deploying a hq unit and two units of troops.

Aidan won the rolloff for first turn, and deployed agressively up to the centre line with one unit of thousand sons, while his other unit and sorcerer hunkered down to guard his objective.

The Eldar were forced to the rear of the table, though the pathfinders used infiltrate and scout to move up to guard the eldar objective.

    Turn 1

The forces of chaos stormed onto the table as fast as possible, with all but the daemons and terminators entering at once. Moving as fast as possible, the rhinos headed for the front while havocs ran along the eastern hill line to take up firing positions. With little to fire at, they ran forward towards the bewildered eldar. The advanced thousand sons tried to hit the snipers, byt heir cloaks hid them from all five shots on target.

Unlike the chaos forces, all of the Eldar entered play in the first turn. Dark Reapers moved to take up positions opposite the havocs, while the Wraithguard and Wraithlord moved to support the Farseer and the Dire Avengers in the centre. The jetbikes hurtled down the eastern flank, vypers on the west, while two units of guardians entered on both the east and west. Shooting had very little effect – a single havoc fell.

    Turn 2

The second turn started to rapidly swing the tide towards the forces of chaos! The lesser daemons arrived, summoned right by the front lines, ready to assault the eldar pathfinders. The rhinos continued to advance, while the defiler set up to fire its ordanance cannons … and annihilated a full unit of guardians and most of the dire avengers, while the thousand sons in the center butchered the jetbikes. Without many long range weapons and the chaos forces advanced towards the center, the defiler had the Eldar at its mercy. The daemons annihilated the pathfinders in close combat, taking the eldar command point.

In return, the eldar wraithlord countercharged the daemons after flaming them heavily, and destroyed the whole unit! The guardians with bright lances on the west destroyed on of the rhinos, but the vypers were ineffecive against the defiler. The Dark Reapers and guardians on the right exchamged fire against the havocs, causing one or two battlebrothers to fall, but for no real effect.

    Turn 3

The arrival of both the greater daemon continued the unstoppable advance of the Thousand Sons. Ripping apart an aspiring champion who had run out of the burning remains of a rhino, the guardians on the west were facing a grim future. The defiler annihilated one of the guardian squads on the west and stunned one vyper, exploding the other, while the marines opened up with bolters and wiped out most of the other.

The wraithlord moved to engage the greater daemon, for very little effect, while the dark reapers attempted to annihilate the thousand sons in the center, but their invulnerable sorcerous saves blocked all casulties. the wraithguard continued to advance down the center, with the surviving exarch of the dire avengers.

    Turn 4

The arrival of the terminators effectively finished the game. The Grater Daemon and wraithlord exchanged blows to little effect, while the terminators and wraithguard faced off. The defiler missed for the first time, scattering the ordinance off the board, but the marines advanced down the left, finishing the remaining guardians and taking the eldar command point. The Thousand Sons finished off the remaining vyper, while the havocs fired ineffectively yet again.

The eldar failed to do anything with the wraithguard, the dire avenger exarch charged a marine unit to hopefully assainate on or twombefore falling, and instead fell instantly himself, and the wraithlord fell to the greater daemon! With just three battered units left, and no weapons to harm the daemon or defiler, and the objectives in the hands of chaos, the Eldar Farseer fled the battle to summon more elite troops….

A clear win for the Thousand Sons! Interesting attempt to see what Eldar can be like with lots of troops instead of elite types, but not particularly successful!

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