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  1. Wow. That thing is nice. I picked up the new GK codex and it all seems great. What army list are you going for?

    Think of getting some Terminators as I am off next week to do some painting. I know I know. I was ment to do an update a week. I suck I know. Well it is time to pick up the slack. If you are doing GKs i will try and do the same.

    I will know get to commenting on all the other posts I haven’t.

  2. I was chatting to staff in a GW, and they reckon that you should take a pair of dtreadknights, one kitted out for close combat, one with serious long range weaponry, and then you leave the enemy deciding which fire magnet to deal with – the close combat monster heading at them or the weapons platform ripping them up.

    I feel any dreadknight needs a female inquisitor in the army so you can yell “stay away from her you bitch” as you lay into larger daemons or tyranids 🙂

  3. GW alway’s want you to buy more 😉

    As for the composition of the army I’ll just use what I have;

    1 x Dreadknight
    3 x Dreadnoughts – one Veneable
    17 x Grey Knights
    8 x Grey Knight Terminators
    10 x ‘Classic’ Grey Knight Terminators#
    1 x Grey Knight Strike Squad – consists of 5 Blood Angels that I got for their wings and at the time Rob suggested that the remaining models would make great Grey Knights, so they will.

    Inquisitor Karamazov
    I have an assortment of other Inquisitors from my Witch Hunters and was thinking of running them with Henchmen Warbands, that will allow me to field 12 Sisters of Battle with power armour and storm bolters or 12 Arco Flagellants for a bit of close up work.

    Obviously not all the above can be fielded at once, but it’s a good mix to be going on with 😀

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