Grey Knights Army

Just completed my Grey Knights to ‘wargames table’ standard – still need to add some detail


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Also have a host of Inquisitorial options and a Land Raider that is in need of some TLC

The Venerable Dreadnought has fixed weapons while the two other Dread’s have their weapons attached with magnets, with two spare arms between them give some flexiblity.  Also included is the converted (different paint job) Sanguinary Guard (Blood Angels) as an Intecepter Squad (Rob’s Idea).

Got to write the shoulder name patches, not sure what to go with Roman or Greek, leaning towards Greek at the moment as some of the tranlations from Roman aren’t too flattering (pimple nose or donkey keeper), so we’ll see 😀

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  1. Wow teach me to do work and not look on the site. So many updates to comment on. The army look fab and I agree with Rob the SG work well as Knights. Love the use of the Old grey knight terminators, very old school;)

  2. Hi Alan. It might be a while yet as we are still planing on moving this year. I went through my GW stores in my cupboard last night and found three old style GK Terminators. More to add the the list:-p

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