Honoured Imperium

Compleated these last night, I think they look really good, just followed (most) of the instrucions on the GW web site (you need to be registered so no point in linking).

Still waiting for my Dreadknight so going to undercoat a Valkyrie ready to be done in Inquisatorial colours while I potter with the rest of my Grey Knights.


3 Replies to “Honoured Imperium”

  1. I’ve one set of honored imperium done in simlar colours, though mine looks greener and more abandoned. 🙂

    I’ve a second one yet to paint!

  2. The painting guide is on the GW web site although I changed it a little, after the black undercoat I sprayed a coat of Dwarf Bronze then dry brushed with Tin Bitz then the wash then the highlights etc.

    Wanted to keep the pieces in keeping with my Shrine of the Aquila, so no greenery 😀

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