Inquisitorial Land Raider

This piece started life years ago in a very wishy-washy red livery, after a while I decided to re-spray it silver (Bad Idea!!).

So after being left  (literaly) on the shelf for years I decided to try and ‘fix’ the bad silver job with a light dusting of black – I was NOT impressed, the paint reacted with the silver, different manufactures, I had a similar problem varnishing some SM’s a while back, anyhow, the model was placed back on the shelf and all but forgotten until I once again tried to ‘fix’ it, this time applying a worn look by scraping off the black to reveal the silver underneath. The model was once again returned to the shelf  to eventually be dumped into a box for shipping to Crete.

This time all I’ve done is to assemble the bits that still needed it, add some transfers and some detailing -the result is not the best model in the world but proof that if things aren’t going well, put it on the shelf and have a glass of wine! 😀


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