Chavana III

On the world of Chavana III, deep within the Vulpes Astra subsector, a monastary is used to hold psykers for the Black Ships of Terra. the Retinue of the Red Dawn have broken the Imperial defences. Unknown to them, the Dark Eldar seek the same rich prize, for the suffering of psykers goes so much furtyer in their dark pits. Both sides are advancing implacably, willing to take any cost for such a rich prize!

The Dark Eldar are facing Chaos Space Marines in an Implacable Advance scenario from the battle missions book. This post will be updated with photos and a battle report after the game, but you can see tweets through the game (fodgaming)

Turn 1

The beserkers and possessed streamed forward towards the center of the battlefield, hoping to gain the monastary early, after securing their first objective, the shrine of St Alun of Chavona. The havocs overestimated their lascannons, as the dark eldar cowered out of range!

Overcoming their xeno cowardice the dark eldar advanced towards the center. The Archon and his incubi dismounted, opening a webway portal for the rest of their dark kin.

Turn 2

The Chaos forces continued their advance, heading towards the centre of the table. Lascannons flared to no effect, and the night lords impaled themselves on the monestary walls. lesser daemons ripped apart incubi, and an obliterator blew a weapon off a ravager.

In return, wyches and mandrakes poured through the portal, and the reaver jetbikes hurtled through the chaos lines on their turbocharged machines. The mandrakes and archon butchered the last lesser daemons while a ravager and reaver annihilated the obliterator. The other ravager advanced towards the chaos reserves, opening up with its disintegrators, killing several.

Turn 3

The beserkers on the left flank charged the ravager that had killed three of their number, but both their plasma pistols misfired! Dark Eldar witchery at work!

The havocs were out of range of the strange curse, and the heavy bolters and lascannons blew the skimming tank out of the sky. The beserkers led by kharn opened fire in the jetbikes, but left one alive as prey for the possessed, who torn the poor eldar to a thousand pieces.

The other ravager charged forward, while the raider headed for cover down the left flank. Wyches headed for beserkers for an awesome conflict. The ravager and raider opened up on the decimated beserkers, but failed to hit even once.

Turn 4

Both units of terminators arrived, turning the tide of the battle, annihilating lilith hesperax and an entire unit of wyches, as well as forcing the Archon round the left flank of the monastary. Without reinforcements, the wyches facing kharn, beserkers and the possessed were whittled down faster and faster. Wihout lilith and the remaining cabal troops hanging back, it eas a punishing turn for he dark eldar.

Two more raiders arrived, opening up on the terminators for comparatively little effect, as mandrake charged the slaneeshi termibators, ony to be surprised by their snake like speed and simultaneous strikes. The mandrakes broke and were pulled down by the slaneeshi, bellowing in pleasure and pain.

Turn 5

The terminators took down the remaining raiders, and proceeded to start butchering the cabal soldiers who emerged gasping from he wreckage. Kharn charged forward with the possessed, while the remaining beserkers regrouped in cover.

The Archon massacred the remaining beserkers on the left flank, before taking cover behind the ruins of a raider. The cabal troops were massacred by kharn, but those facing tzeentchi terminators ran clear to regroup in the distance. the last raider arrived and the troops took the comms bastion.

Turn 6

Terminators proceeded to exchange fire with the remaining soldiers, and kharn closed in for more butchery. The archon was punished from afar by the havocs, but his shadowfield saw him rough he worst of it.

The archon sprinted into the shrine of st Alun, but as he wasnt a scoring unit, he couldnt rescure the objective.

Turn 7

With the battle largely over, the Archon stayed in cover within the Shrine of St Alun. The terminators continued to whittle down the last cabal, while the comms bastion continued to pour its information through the webway.

As the beserkers couldnt get close enough to the tower to take he monastary, the game counts as a tactical draw! the forces of chaos largely ruled he battlefield, but the archon arguably had the moral victory by lurking at the chaos starting objective while holding their own.

Thoughts and comments

The dark eldar are much more of a force to be reckoned with. Both armies played riskily, with large numbers of reserves and deep strikes. Luck turned for the chaos forces, arriving earlier in the battle, and with the exception of the raptors, appearing perfctly to tun the tide of the game. If Lilith had turned up a turn earlier, with the cabal raiders, the game would certainly have gone the other way! Great game, and lots of fun, with Kharn butchering his own side, plasma pistols blowing up on a regular basis, and sneaky sorcerers suffering the wrath of the warp!

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  1. First of a great series of games, great to be playing a ‘live’, or at least undead opponent again.
    A hard fought and entertaining game that could have gone the DE way, great to see the DE finally holding their own.

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