A Quick Update

With our internet being down (again) for nearly a week I have had to drive over the mountains to the Sea-side bar of Manos to use their Internet (and power!) – It’s a hard life but someone has to do it.

Sue is off to Knossos this Sunday so it’s GAMES DAY!

I’m planning to run 3 games in all the two Amon Sul scenarios from the LotR, Gandalf vs The Nine and then Aragorn + Hobbits vs 4 Black Riders, sandwiched inbetween those two will be a trial game of ‘The Uncharted Seas’ – a fantasy naval game, if it play’s well I will invest in a couple fleets, which look fantastic by the way http://www.spartangames.co.uk/uncharted.htm

I hope to get all the games done as I won’t be able to over-run into Monday (as originally planned) as Kevin is going to start the garden path at 08:00 Monday morning.

I’ll post the game reports by next Sunday.


A. 😀

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