Amon Sul

Amon Sul

The story so far,

following their fight on the Barrow Downs Tom Bombadil rescued Pippin from the Barrow and restored him to basic stats although since the encounter he is prone to babble incoherently! So no change there then, on with the game:-

It’s the Amon Sul scenario from ‘The Fellowship’ GW book, Aragorn and the Hobbits vs the Witch King and four Wraiths, here we go:-


Turn 1.

All the Hobbits stoop to pick up stones.


The Witch King and one of the Wraiths target Sam with ‘Black Darts’, one strikes home forcing Sam to use a Fate point.

Merry is targeted by the other 3 Wraiths and two successful ‘Black Dart’ Rolls are made resulting in one hit that forces Merry to use his Fate point.


Turn 2.

The Hobbits keep priority.

A roll of six at the end of the movement phase brings Aragorn into Amon Sul

Sam throws a stone at the Wraith facing him, and misses.

Frodo does the same and hits, and rolls a 5 so he expends a might point to increase the score to six then rolls another six which together successfully wound the Wraith taking it out of the game!

Both Merry and Pippin throw stones but although Pippin’s hits no wounds were caused.


Before charging all of the Black Riders attempt ‘Black Dart’ and fail!

The Witch King charges Sam – and wins the combat forcing Sam to use his last Fate point to avoid a wound.

One Wraith charges Merry – forcing him back but failing to wound.

Two Wraths charge Aragorn – two hits, Aragorn expends 2 Fate points to avoid the wound.


Turn 3.

The Wraiths win priority and charge into combat.

Pippin and Frodo join Sam against the Witch King – 3 hits, no wounds but the Witch King is thrown back 3”

Two Wraiths have charged Aragorn – Using a Might point Aragorn wins the combat and forces the Wraiths back.

One Wraith charged Merry – Merry wins the combat forcing it back.


Turn 4.

Aragorn and the Hobbits win priority.

Aragorn and Pippin charge one Wraith while Merry and Sam tackle one of the others, Frodo clutches his ring!

The Witch King tries ‘Black Dart’ and fails while the remaining Wraith fails his Courage test and flees!

Aragorn and Pippin – Both hit and force the Wraith to flee off the board – although the scenario doesn’t specifically say so, I take it that once a model leaves the playing area it may not return.

Sam and Merry – Both are forced back but are otherwise unharmed.


Turn 5

Good keeps the priority and all of the good characters move to attack the Wraith except Pippin who couldn’t quite make it.

The Witch King once again tries ‘Black Dart’ without success before moving into combat with Aragorn.

Three Hobbits against one Wraith, Hobbits get two hits and force the Wraith from Amon Sul!

Aragorn Vs the Witch King – Aragorn wins on his fight value and throws him back 6” without wounding.


Turn 6.

Good win priority and Aragorn and the three hobbits advance on the Witch King with Frodo behind them (still clutching his ring).

Although he passed his Courage test the Witch King turned and fled into the night, leaving Aragorn and the Hobbits exhausted but victorious.


A good game but once the Black Riders started to be whittled down the advantage definitely turns to the good side, with the ability to drive the evil models back d6” if they loose a combat if you can pin the Wraiths close to the edge then ‘gang up’ on them, you’ll likely drive them from Amon Sul.

OK the arrival of Aragorn on turn 2 REALLY helped. 😀


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  1. Aragorn arrived at the earliest possible moment, and it still came pretty close? You forget how good the Nazgul are sometimes.

    Your Amon Sul looks soooo good! If I ever get time after moving I’m looking forward to trying to build the GW version from the journey book.

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