The Campaign for the South Update #3

With all the visitors and work in the garden lately the ‘Emipre’ campagne seems to have got a bit ‘lost’, so planning ahead a bit I did sa bit of background work:-


Eric the Chain has been given a new command with orders to proceed to ‘Narrow Way’ to make contact with and delay the approaching Rat Horde, but the question is will Skreechnor continue his drive North or take either or both, of the two alternatives, West to Abydos or East to Osimo and Alexandros?


So, a die roll was called for:-


1-3: Move towards Abydos leaving half the army to occupy Crossing.

6: Move east to Osimo and Alexandros  leaving half the army to occupy Crossing.

4 or 5: Continue the Northern advance with the entire army.


The roll was a 3 so half the Army will stay at crossing and the other half will move off to Abydos.


Eric the Chain reached Narrow Way and fortified it then sent out scouts, on discovering the split in the Rat army, leaving behind a small force at Narrow Way and sending word back for reinforcements, he set off in the hopes of overtaking the westward advance and reinforcing Abydos.

So, the Rats have split their (very large) force, but the Empire force at Narrow Way consists largely of local levies, will the Rats at Crossing move North? Will Eric make it to Abydos before the Rats?

More to come once I have rolled the dice! 😀

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