Ongoing work

Well the summer is continuing to be busy, the garden path project taking on average 4 hours a day, add to that all the usual stuff and not a lot is left for gaming – I’ve started modeling and painting between 10pm and 1am  just to get some stuff done!

The pictures below are of the Dark Eldar that I have so far assembled ready for priming and painting, on the workbench is an Ultramarines Land Speeder Storm in the final stages of painting. I had started to assemble an Inquisatorial Valkyrie but stopped when I learned of the forthcoming Sisters of Battle codex!

Also on the workbench are elements of two ‘Uncharted Seas’ fleets – I’ll be using them in my ‘Empire’ Campaign.

Also well under way is a 10mm Keep/Castle/Fortification from ‘Toshach Miniatures’ in card – it’s the freebee offered on their site and it’s quality has prompted me to buy the larger ‘Kragenvale’ model – you can build a very acceptable looking ‘Helms Deep’ with it!  Take a look here.

I would like to get in at least one more game in the ‘Empire’ campaign before August as we have more guests in both Aug. and Sept.


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