Yet more Battleboard!

Well, the battleboard is tantalisingly close to complete – two board sections are finished!

I need more scorched grass to finish up, so will be raiding GW some point this week.

Essentially, I drybrushed all the boards with Ochre, which looks pretty good. The drybrushing on such a scale isn’t as even as I’d like – if I was doing a moonscape or marscape and leaving it there, I’d be disappointed. As I’m flocking the board, though, the Ochre drybrushing doesn’t have to be perfect; it just needs to break up the brown.

After drybrushing and letting it dry, I started to flock the board, adding large patchs of lighter grass. I had some initial issues, largely because it was a blazing hot day and the PVA dried faster than I expected! I went back and flocked and varnished the two flat boards – I just need to finish the part flocked hills now.

James – once the Battleboard is complete, can I tempt you to travel around London for some 40k fun?

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