A quick note

As our Public Wireless Internet has remained active for the second day in a row and our guests have gone out for the morning I can do a quick update.

I finished the construction of another DE Raider (the 3rd) and have laid down the hull of a Ravager, not sure if I’ll get a chance to do any more for another 10 days or so 🙁

I’m putting the DE force together to mount a revenge raid on the Shrine of St. Aspira (see elswhere in this blog). In the original battle I gave the SoB a numerical advantage but restricted their setup to a parade ground turn out and allowed the DE the first turn and the element of surprise.

As it turned out the DE came out very much the worse partly due to the age of the DE codex and partly due to the tardy arrival and placement of their reinforcements. The Sisters reacted quickly and shot down all of the DE Raiders and Ravagers !

So a return match will be played once the holiday season is over and I can assemble the DE force (literaly) from the array of brilliant figures and kits from GW.

The fight will be a Planetstrike scenario with the Sisters on the defensive with the DE possibly having a slight numerical advantage.

Other News.

Not a lot.

Possibly another 10 days before we get a hard wired internet 🙁 the good news is that we will only have about 50m of copper between our ADSL router and the Fiber in the road outside 🙂

Was on the internet in Manos yesterday and managed to locate a wargame box from Zvezda (Russian co 20mm or 1/72 historical figures and kits) of the Napoleonic Battle of Borodino, 160+ 20mm plasic figures and some terrain, bases, rules etc. for just over £65 incl shipping from the USA to Crete, thats another battle I’ll fight before I paint the figures – I really do need to get some wargaming in soon 😉

I’ll post or comment again when I get a chance and remember even if it’s an ‘historicaly accurate’ game it’s still playing with toy soldiers 😉


A. 😀

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