Sisters of Battle vs Blood Angels (as Chaos Head Hunters!)


1500 pts per side, seize ground, pitched battle deployment

Blood Angels – two typhoon pattern landspeeders, one vindicator, one predator, rhino with command squad and tycho, rhino with assault squad (10 man), rhino with assault squad (10 man), 5 man combat squad

Sisters – two Battle Sisters squads in rhinos, retributor squad (5 sisters) with heavy flamer immolator, seraphim squad (9 sisters), celestians with multimelta immolator, Canoness, St Evangeline, 2 Exorcists, Repentia Squad (6 repentia + superior)


Sisters win dice roll, and choose to go second. Blood Angels setup first, Sisters fail to steal first turn.

(note – left and right is from the perspective of the Sisters of Battle)

The objectives were set up in a loose star pattern, with two on hills on the sisters side, and two on the flanks on the blood angels side.  In the centre was a hatch to an underground bunker.

The vindicator and a rhino with a tactical squad set up in the centre.  The command squad rhino set up to the right of centre, while the two landspeeders set up on the far left.  On the right was the predator, the other rhino, and the 5 man combat squad.

The retributor quad set up on a hill to the left next to an objective, with a rhino with a battlesister squad behind the hill.  In the open centre were the two immolators (with the canoness and celestians deployed inside the multimelta one), and the other rhino and battle sisters behind them.  The Exorcists were both hidden behind a major rock outcropping to the right of centre, and the seraphim, the living saint and the repentia sisters were to the right near the other hill and objective.

Turn 1

Chaos – all vehicles roar forward with scout moves and fast.  The Predator hurtles down the right flank with a turbo charged scout move (12″), then moves 6 inches and fires all guns at the side of an exposed exorcist, destroying a weapon!   The tactical squad in the rhino follows it down the flank, while the command squad advances cautiously just to the right of centre.  The vindicator on the right opens up on an immolator, but the charge scatters and bounces off the rhino armour.  The land speeders hurtle forward, and open up on the retributor squad with heavy bolters, killing one equipped with a bolter.  The fiv eman combat squad knuckled down around the chaos objective to the right.

Sisters – the Repentia squad hurtled toward the predator to carve it up in close combat, while the seraphim advanced toward the enemy objective.  The Retributor squad opened up on the landspeeders immobilising one (destroying it as a part of a squadron), and destroying the rocket launcher on the other, while the immolators advanced firing, though to no effect.  The damaged exorcist took off like a bat out of hell, acting as a mobile shield to the other tanks, while the other exorcist opened fire on the vindicator to little effect.  The sisters in rhinos moved around the rear of the field to little effect.  In the assault phase, the seraphim and the living saint tried to assault the command squad rhino through a hedge, but rolled a double one on the difficult terrain roll, failing to connect.  The Repentia sisters, on the other hand, carved the predator to pieces with 9 penetrating hits … unsurprisingly the tank exploded, killing one of  the sisters.

Turn 2 (Head Hunters 1 objective, Sisters 0 objectives)

Chaos – The chaos assault continues, with the tactical squad disembarking from the rhino on the right, before shooting and assaulting the Repentia Squad, killing all but the sister superior by the end of the turn.  The rhino itself tried to move through the predators crater in an attempt to shield the tactical squad from reprisals… but threw a track and was immobilised.  The command squad disembarked, shot at and assaulted the seraphim, while the 5 man combat squad opened fire but held back, protecting the valuable objective – by the end of the turn, only Saint Celestine was left.  In the centre, the vindicator reversed six inches and missed again, while the landspeeder managed to shake the crew of the immolator with the multimelta.  The other assault squad in the rhino hurtled to the centre of the table.

Sisters –   The flamer immolator roars forward up a hill, shielding the shaken immolator with the multi-melta (and the canoness and celestians, which ducked behind a hill.  The retributors immobilise the remaining landspeeder with holy bolter fire. The exorcist annihilates the chaos rhino, leaving a fiery crater and a unit of marines.  The sisters in one of the rhinos with storm bolters open up on the exposed unit, killing another.  The living Saint wins combat against the entire command squad, wounding Tycho and tying up the unit.  The chaos squad finish off the sister superior on the right, and regroup towards the objective on the right flank.

Turn 3  (Head-hunters 2 objectives, Sisters 0 objectives)

Chaos – The chaos command squad wins the combat against the living saint, but fail to kill her again! In the centre, the vindicator destroys the immolator on the hill, while the immobilised land speeder on the right manages to shake the canoness’s immolator once again.  the exposed troops in the centre knuckle down into cover, and destroy the damaged exorcist.

Sisters – The canoness and her immolator tactically advance in a negative direction 12″ towards the exorcist in the centre, while the retributor squad finish off the land speeder. The exorcist manages to shake the crew of the command squads rhino.  In the assault phase, Tycho and the command squad kill the living saint, and regroup towards the immobilised exorcist.  In the centre, a rhino with battle sisters carrying flamers opens up on the batterd troops in the middle, supported by long range shots from the sisters with storm bolters, annihilating 4 of the squad.

On the surface, things look bleak for the Sisters, who are trapped in a quarter of the board and the raging blood angels are pressing their attack!

Turn 4  (Head-hunters 2 objectives, Sisters 0 objectives)

Chaos – the command squad assault into the exorcist, destroying it utterly.  The vindicator opens up on the rhino carrying the flamer sisters in the middle, but the shot scatters into the assault squad killing two.. and they fail their morale check, beginning to flee.

Sisters – the sisters in the rhino near the centre disembark, flamers ready to destroy the command squad.  Celestine rises from the grave … with a full three wounds, and advances to flame the command squad as well.  The canoness disembarks with a heavy flamer and flamer ready to open fire.  The command squad is hit by huge amounts of holy flame, then charged … butchering the remaining men.  The captain falls, and the sisters regroup towards the other objective on the right, while the saint regroups north toward the chaos objective on the right.  The multimelta on the immolator smashed into the vindicator … destroying its main cannon.

Turn 5  (Head-hunters 2 objectives, Sisters 0 objectives)

Chaos – The fleeing marines in the centre would normally automatically regroup, but they were within 6″ of the sisters rhino, so they continued to fall back.  The rhino plowed forward, tank shocking the sisters in the centre, and squashing the sister superior in her bid for glory.  On the right, the chaos troops opened up on the battle sisters with everything they had to destroy the troops unit, but several survived.

Sisters – The another shot from the immolator with the multimelta immobolised the vindicator in the centre, leaving it helpless.  The rhino in the centre followed the fleeing marines, staying close enought to force them to continue falling back.  To the right, the living saint, celestians and battle sisters annihilated the tactical squad with huge amounts of flame and bolter fire, followed by a brief charge, where the living saint destroyed the remaining few troops.  On the left, the other sisters unit disembarked, and held their objective.

The roll for end of game meant the battle continued!

Turn 6  (Head-hunters 1 objectives, Sisters 2 objectives)

Chaos – the marines in the centre had to continue to fall back.  In an attempt to prevent the rhino following up, the chaos rhino accelerated at top speed and rammed the sisters rhino from behind, at a speed of 14″.  Unfortunately, neither tank was damaged.  On the right, the 5 marine holding the last objective fell back slightly to try and avoid the imperial onslaught, and the immobilised chaos rhino on the right finally self repaired!

Sisters – the living saint flamed the defending chaos marines with the ardent blade, and charged into combat, while the immolator missed the repaired rhino.  the other sisters regrouped in the centre.

The roll for end of game meant a 7th turn would be played

Turn 7  (Head-hunters 0 objectives, Sisters 2 objectives)

Chaos – Although the marines in centre were forced to fall back off the table, the chaos forces showed their cunning here.  They managed to slay the living saint in close combat, and fell back to their objective (a 2+ armour save is not proof against the dreaded snake eyes!).  The rhino on the right hurtled forward into the sisters objective to contest it, and the remaining rhino in the centre attempted to tank shock through the sisters near the objective on the left.  Unfortunately for the chaos forces, the tank shock failed thanks to a nameless sister, who immobilised the rhino 4″ away from the objective with a krak grenade!

Sisters – On the right, the sisters opened up on the chaos rhino – surely easy meat to the sisters with krak grenades, the multimelta immolator, and the celestian superiors plasma gun!  Alas, not a single sister connected!

End of game – Head Hunters 1 objective, Sisters 1 objective


A hard fought game, and a worthy draw!   The sisters really need to take the field in larger numbers, otherwise I feel the can’t pile on enough firepower – 1500pts seemed to feel much more fluid than the 1000point force – repentia, a retributor squad, an immolator, and the living saint and a few extra seraphim don’t seem a lot, but the additional firepower of the retributors played a huge difference here, as did keeping the battle sisters in the rhinos – a rhino effectively with twin flamers is brilliant, as is stormbolters – two stormbolter shots from a unit as well as the onboard stormbolter is actually a lot of anti-personnel shots a round at a decent range.  The immolator with multimeltas was OK (despite being shaken or missing a lot), but the immolator with heavy flamers is really useless with the slow move.  The blood angels should possibly have gone for more combat squads to hit multiple objectives, but that might have lessened the initial assault.

A brilliant fun game!  Warboss Shagga (or Captain Paul of the Head Hunters), I salute you!

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