Sisters of Battle vs Blood Angels

I went along to my first Overlords gaming session last night, and had an absolute blast!

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On the left is Inquisitor Steve, who welcomed me to the Overlords, and on the right is my opponent, Glen, who was fielding Blood Angels.  Blood Angels seem a very popular choice at the moment!

Set up

We had 1000pts armies each, and diced up Capture and Control with a Pitched Battle deployment.

The Blood Angels won the roll off, setup first and took first turn – the Order’s roll to steal failed, unfortunately!


Blood Angels – 2 assault squads, two land speeders, one tactical squad, one captain, sanguinary priest.

Sisters – two battle sisters squads with rhinos, celestians and canoness in immolator, two exorcists, one seraphim squad

Turn 1

The Blood Angels jump scarily forward towards the Sisters of Battle objective on the left.  A full assault squad, supported by the marine captain, and with two landspeeders, crashed forward, hoping to gain an early dominance.  Another Assault squad with their Sanguinary Priest hurtle down the centre towards the Exorcists on the hill tops on the centre right.  The final unit, a tactical squad, hunker down around the marine objective and fire off a missile launcher at an Exorcist to no effect.  One of the landspeeders immobilises the immolator with a multi-melta shot.

In return, The Exorcists swat three assault troops in the centre, the Sanguinary Priests feel no pain rule ineffective against the strength 8 hell missiles!  On the left, the defending  Sisters of the Azure Bolt shoot one on the right, while the Seraphim closed in on a landspeeder … but failed to penetrate the armour or use melta bombs in the assault phase.

Turn 2

The Assault Troops on teh left, led by the captain, annihilate the defending Sisters of Battle arround the objective in a brutal assault after an ineffective shooting phase.  The other assault unit jumped forward to get a meltagun in range of the Exorcist, but failed to penetrate its armour.  One Landspeeder kills three seraphim, while the other tried to soften up the defending sisters before the assault finished them off.  Again, the missile launcher in the Tactical Squad missed against the Exorcists.

In an attempt to save the Exorcist firepower for a different target, celestians and and Battle sisters in a rhino open up with flamers and heavy flamers, as well as some bolt and plasma pistols…. but to almost no effect with the Sanguinary Priests Feel no pain rule making a real difference.  The rhino on the left moves to cover the immobilised immolator, in the hopes of opening up with the twinlinked heavy flamer.  Finally, the Exorcists annihilate the Assault squad in the centre, leaving only the sanguinary priest.  Seraphim try hand flamers, no effect, on the assault squad on the left.

Turn 3

The Space Marine captain turns and kills the two remaining Seraphim, while the assault squad takes the Sisters objective and stuns the rhino with an assault.  A Land Speeder stuns the Immolator, while the other land speeder stuns the rhino.  The missile launcher from the tactical squad finally hit the Exorcist .. but a cover save meant no damage.  The Sanguinary priest fled on his jump pack to bolster the tactical squad.

For the Sisters, the options were limited.  The two Exorcists opened fire on the tactical squad, to try whittling down their numbers, but to little effect.  The Celestians and Canoness moved towards the taken objective, while a rhino containing the other battle sisters rumbled towards the Blood Angels objective.

Turn 4

The Assault Squad on the left charged the rhino, smashing the already stunned rhino to pieces with 8 krak grenades and a powerfist!  The landspeeders finish off the immolator with a shot to the rear armour, effectively destroying it by destroying its last (and only) weapon.  On the right, the marines opened fire on the advancing rhino with a missile launcher, only to hit an intervening hedge (cover save!)

For the Sisters, the rhino continues to advance on the right, while the exorcists picked a landspeeder each and annihilated them!  The Canoness let the celestians towards the assault troops hunkered down behind the shells of the burning Adeptus Sororitas rhino and immolator.

Turn 5

The Captain jumped out of cover, leaving the assault troops to hold the objective.  He used a hand flamer on the celestians, then charged into close combat, soundly defeating them … and breaking them!  The Sisters rand screaming for the edge of the board, while the captain moved to place his back against the burning immolator, prepared to face the worst.

The Celestians regrouped, and fired at the captain causing a wound.  The Exorcists opened up on the Tactical squad again, but with very few missiles, and the sisters disembarked from their rhino, opening up with flamers and bolters.  Only three defenders were left! 

Turn 6

The space marine captain charged the celestians again, winning the combat but suffering a wound, slaying all but the canoness.  The other assault troops remained hidden.  On the right, the remaining three marines charged into the Sisters of Battle, wiping them out in a single round.

In the Sisters turn, the Canoness struck down the marine captain!  The power of faith at work!  The rhino moved up to contest the marine objective, while the exorcists tried to finish off the tactical marines, killing another.

Turn 7

The Assault squad decided not to risk an assault or sneaky objective contesting from the canonness in her turn with an Act of Faith, so decided on a risky move – they charged, hoping to win in a single round, and consolidate back to the objective to hold it … and did so.  Only one marine was within three inches of the objective, however, with a special weapon.

The Exorcists opened up on the Assault marines, causing 10 wounds … meaning wound allocation came into play!  If the wound against the flamer marine near the objective wasn’t saved (cover save), the battle would be a draw.  Every cover save was made … except for the flamer!  Neither side held any objectives, making the game a draw!


It might have been a draw but we were both winners – Glen was a great guy, and we both had a brilliant time!  Glen made a mistake tactically by not using Combat Squads – he wanted a big assault, but it held him back towards the end, while I just forgot about Acts of Faith entirely!  The Exorcists (officially the MVPs and now referred to as my quarterbacks) did an amazing job.  You really need to keep sisters away from marines, though – I should have kept my Battle Sisters in Rhinos and relied more on fire power.  3 marines destroyed 10 sisters in a single assault phase!  Brutal!

I’m really looking forward to next weeks game against Phil (or Warboss Shagga on the Overlords site).

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