The Warp Portal of Felix Minor

In the 35th millenium, upon the Eldar maiden world of Connaught Luthia, orbiting the star known to the Imperium as Felix Minor, the very gates of reality burst open.

Daemons sprang into being through the tortured air, but they were not alone. Eldar from the bright craftworld of Rulanthia had arrived. Every major breakout was contained by the wraithlords and aspect warriors, but one last rip appeared to test the stretched eldar warriors. Responding to the need of his kin, the Avatar of Khaine led the remaining guardians from the craftworld to face the dark threat.

This is a 1000pt scenario.   The recommended combatants are Eldar and Daemons, but any two forces can work.

The Daemons are the defenders, trying to prevent the Eldar from reaching the centre point of the table.  In addition to deep striking, they can also move in from the warp gate or altar that marks the crack in the reality as if entering from a standard table edge.

The attacking Eldar set up and move first, but the Daemons can steal the first turn.  Although this is often not advisable for Daemons, in this instance it potentially blocks the Eldar path to the centre of the table and can turn the game.

The setup is a 4×4 table area – a full 6×4 gameboard as a valley treating the hills as impassable works well.

Terrain should be natural items only except for the centre, reflecting the unspoilt maiden world.

For the Eldar to win, a unit needs to spend a full turn touching the rift without being engaged.

Battle Report!

The Eldar fielded the Avatar of Khaine with a unit of swooping hawks and 4 whole units of guardians for 1000pts.  The Daemons fielded a Daemon Prince, a Lord of Change, some flamers, some daemonettes, and some plaguebearers, as well as a unit of pink horrors.

From the start, the game went to the Daemons.  Having lined up for an early charge, the Daemons stole first turn, materialising in from of the eldar force, and blocking the various units lines of site.

The first half of the army was mostly troop based, consisting of the Masque of Slaneesh and her daemonettes, the plague bearers and the pink horrors.

Of course, on arrival, the Daemons couldn’t charge, and most had no ranged weapons, so except for a few cursory bolts from the pink horrors, the Eldar went relatively unscathed.

The Eldar’s turn began, and their numbers were hamstrung slightly by their lines of fire.  Huge numbers of shuriken opened up at the plaguebearers in the centre, but their toughness and invulnerable saves shrugged off most of the attacks, leaving several to withstand the Avatar’s charge … who failed to kill any of them!

As turn two began, lucky reserves rolls saw the majority of the Daemons arrive, except for the lord of change, who was maintaining a crafty distance from the battlefield.  The flamers dropped in near a unit of guardians and totally annihilated them, while the daemon prince arrived and advanced.  The daemonettes were fleet and reached close combat, and while they might not have succeeded against marines, lightly armed guardians were a different matter!  Foolishly, the eldar general took a wound on his warlock, counting on the 4+ invulnerable save to pull him through … but a roll of a 1 left the squad leaderless, reeling, and massacred by the faster daemonettes as they tried to flee.

On the eldars return, the swooping hawks arrived!  Dropping a grenage on teh pink horrors, killing several, they promptly scattered into an enemy unit, suffering total destruction on the deepstrike table.  The Avatar continued to be locked in combat with the plaguebearers, with terrible rolls to hit and wound, while thje remaining guardians advanced, wounding the Daemon Prince.

By Turn 3 it was clearly all over with the arrival of the Lord of Change.  As the Avatar remained trapped in place and the other daemons massacred guardians up close, the daemon’s closed in on the trapped shard of khaine!

With no hope of reaching the altar (and little of surviving), the remaining Eldar fled for the webway!

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