Battle Report – Sisters of Battle vs Blood Ravens

Well, this week I headed over to the overlords a bit late, and took on a force of Blood Ravens in a 1500pts battle.

The Scenario was Seize Ground, with 3 objectives, and the deployment was Spearhead, with the Sisters winning choice of turn (and took first turn).

The initial setup of terrain was as follows:



0a - Table Layout





Followed by the initial deployments:

0b - Initial Deployments

The Blood Ravens tried to steal first turn, but failed!  The game commenced!

Turn 1 – Sisters (Sisters 1 Objective, Blood Ravens 0)

The Sisters opened up aggressively, moving the exorcists forward to shoot at the Land Raider, while the rhino on the right flank moved to hold the objective to the north.  In the centre, the immolators and other rhino roared forward 12 inches, while the Repentia Squad realised they were well away from their targets, and started to race back across the board.

In an epically bad turn of luck, the exorcists fired 9 times, hit 8, and didn’t score a single hit against the land raider armour.  The Retributor squad opened up on the land raider too, but failed both the act of faith to gain rending, and the reroll from the simulcrum imperalis, so the unblessed bolts rattled off the hull.  Turn 1 passed with no marine casualties at all!

1a - Sisters


Turn 1 – Blood Ravens (Sisters 1 Objective, Blood Ravens 0)

The Blood Ravens sped the Land Raider, carrying the Assault Terminators, towards the Sisters.  The twin-linked lascannons opened up, one with a marine gunner, and one by the hand of the machine spirit … and missed or bounced off the front armour.  The Thunderfire cannon fired at the sisters in the tower, guarding their objective, but between scatter and armour saves, no one fell.  It was an entirely bloodless 1st turn on both sides.

1b - Blood Ravens

Turn 2 – Sisters (Sisters 1 Objective, Blood Ravens 0)

The Sisters continued to pour across the table, charging like the light brigade through the centre, while the Exorcists moved forward to fire again (and failing to do anything!)  The Retributor squad again failed their act of faith test and reroll, leaving the bolts rattling against the land raider hull once more.  The sisters repentia moved further towards the blood raven advance, while celestine and the seraphim boldly hod behind the central wall.  Once again, the sisters hadn’t caused any casualties.

2a - Sisters

Turn 2 – Blood Ravens (Sisters 1 Objective, Blood Ravens 0)

The Blood Ravens started to spill blood, with the Thunderfire cannon taking down two sisters in the tower, and the land raider destroying the exorcist launchers on one of the exorcists, as it disgorged the assault terminators to head towards the objective to the north east. The devastator squad immobilised and destroyed the weapon on one of the immolators too.

2b - Blood Ravens

Turn 3 – Sisters (Sisters 1 Objective, Blood Ravens 0)

The Sisters continued their mad charge, while the remaining fully functioning Exorcist back pedalled slightly, and opened up on the terminators again, with the retributor squad (who passed their act of faith, but didn’t roll any 6s to wound!)   The terminators passed every saving throw!  The sisters Repentia lurked in cover, getting ready to charge the land raider when the moment came, as did the seraphim.  The immolator with a multi melta took a shot at the thunderfire cannon, but the cover save saw it clear.  Turn 3 without a single wound or damage caused to the enemy

3a - Sisters

Turn 3 – Blood Ravens (Sisters 1 Objective, Blood Ravens 0)

The blood ravens continued strongly, advancing and running the assault terminators towards the objective.  The rhino carrying the supporting tactical squad zoomed up to hold it behind them.  The thunderfire cannon wiped out another sister on the tower, while the devastators destroyed the multimelta on the remaining immolator, while the land raider immobilised the remaining exorcist.  The stern guard continued their slow advance.

3b - Blood Ravens

Turn 4 – Sisters (Sisters 1 Objective, Blood Ravens 0)

The Sisters Rhino and damaged Immolator on the right continue to advance, contesting the Blood Ravens objective over there.  The sisters Repentia line themselves up for a charge next turn, while the exorcist opens up on the terminators, as does the sisters unit in the rhino, which swang around the wall and opened up with flamers!    The damaged exorcist tank shocked the terminators, to no effect. Still no kills for the Sisters!

4a - Sisters

Turn 4 – Blood Ravens (Sisters 1 Objective, Blood Ravens 0)

The Blood Ravens continued their implacable advance, with the assault terminators wrecking the rhino in the north east of the field, while the land raider missed the exorcist.  On the left, the devastators destroyed the immolator, forcing the cannoness and celestians to pour onto the field., while the thunderfire cannons continued to take a toll on the sisters in the tower.  The sternguard continued to advance, as did the tactical squad in the rhino.

4b - Blood Ravens

Turn 5 – Sisters (Sisters 1 Objective, Blood Ravens 0)

The Sisters of Battle come out swinging!  The seraphim and Saint Celestine jump the wall, and open up on the marines with lots of flame and the ardent blade, wiping out all but four of the sternguard … who are then slaughtered in the assault phase.  The canoness and the celestians advance, and try to take out the thunderfire cannon with storm bolters and bolt pistols, but miss.  The repentia hammer into the land raider … and fail to penetrate its armour, despite 15 rolls to do so!  The sisters in the north east open up with flamers and bolters, and manage to score a terminator kill!

5a - Sisters

Turn 5 – Blood Ravens (Sisters 1 Objective, Blood Ravens 0)

The Blood Ravens come back hard – tactical squads deploy from the rhinos, opening up on seraphim and celestians.  The celestians and canoness are wiped out by the combined fire of the entire devastator squad and tactical squad, leaving just a rhino contesting the objective.  Several seraphim perish, but the squad holds together.  The land raider finishes off the mobile exorcist, while the terminators thrash the sisters in the north east in close combat, winning by 5 wounds.  Somehow the sisters stay true with a roll of 3 for their morale!

5b - Blood Ravens

End of game! (Sisters 1 Objective, Blood Ravens 0)

Unfortunately for the rampaging Blood Ravens, a roll of a 1 ended the game at the end of turn 5, leaving the sisters victorious!  A great, fun game, even if the sisters managed the least bloody win in 40k history!!!

Wonderful game, and all credit to bonjovi01 (at the overlords forums), my opponent – one more turn would have seen the objectives score flip around for a 2-1 or even 2-0 victory for the marines.

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