It’s been a long summer

It’s been a long summer, I’m writing this as the rain pours down for the second time this month so it’s not the weather I’m talking about, its guests, friends coming to stay type of long summer. Now don’t get me wrong it was wonderful to see everyone and we had a great time but, all except one weren’t gamers! And as I’ve been told it’s rude to ignore guests ‘just to paint soldiers’ my painting, modelling and gaming has slowed to a crawl for the best part of 5 and a half months 🙁  .


It didn’t stop completely but the work I did was conducted furtively late at night or frantically between sets of visitors. One thing that I have been able to do is to catch up on a lot of reading, mostly non-GW stuff. The other thing that I have been able to do is to assemble most of my purchases’ of the latest Dark Eldar stuff from GW.

All this has set me thinking (I know, not something to be done on the spur of the moment), with the launch of the latest GW drive for greater detail (Citadel Finecast), quickly followed by Liquid Greenstuff (to fill all the little bubble holes), I’ve been doing a bit of a time and motion study on my modelling (bit anal doing something like that on one’s hobby but stay with me here).


The whole thing started over 50 years ago when my Brittons knights would besiege my wooden castle, my knights were purchased fully painted and all I had to do was to unpack them and play.

At the same time my room was quickly filling up with model planes, rockets and tanks! These were unpacked, cleaned, assembled and painted before adorning my shelves and ceiling.


Later as my war gaming tastes grew I found it necessary to purchase ‘unfinished’ figures, these required cleaning and painting, now I’m not going to do a complete blow by blow of my gaming life but ‘traditionally’ I’ve been a war gamer and (separately)  a scale modeller.


The point to all this is, the move to multi-part plastic figures, now this has been of great benefit to the hobby and gamer alike but with the Dark Eldar I for one am suffering from ‘detail overload’. I mean that each Wych or Kabalite warrior is made up of at least seven parts – not including the stand and any ‘fluffy’ stuff. Now I’m just completeing the last 10 of some 70 infantry figures, 2 Ravagers, 3 Raiders (one still to do), 2 Venoms, one Razorwing, 5 Scourges and 3 Reavers, oh and Lilith Hesperax and an Archon! 😀 . So, if I’m actually going to game with these figures this year (or next) it’s going to have to be unpainted (shock horror) but, I may never get around to painting them!


Well I’ve come to the conclusion that I want things how they were, my wargaming figures to be just that, a single figure that is quick and easy to paint and my scale modelling to be separate from my wargaming (lots of rockets to build 😀 ).


The simple fact is that in the time it has taken to cut, clean and assemble the above I could have painted two complete 10mm armies (I have two waiting), or one complete 6mm American Civil War army (I have two waiting) or one 28mm Roman army (yes I have one waiting!), not to mention the Napolionic French, British and Russians or the 6mm Romans and Carthaginians or the 28mm Celts – I have a lot to get on with so GW I will NOT be purchasing any more figures from you…………….maybe 😀


Don’t get me wrong this is not a rant against GW, the figures are great – they ARE expensive but still great. I’ll still be playing 40k, I’ll also be playing Warhammer Ancients and Napoleonic’s not to forget Warmaster and Lord of the Rings (and War of the Rings when I get enough figures painted).


Well I’m glad I got that off my chest, after this weekend I hope to get back to a routine of painting and gaming, the internet is still patchy (or not there!) and the strikes have delayed the ADSL connection, so I’ll post as and when.



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  1. Alan! Great to hear from you – I was getting worried.

    I actually find the more detailed models easier to paint sometimes – basecoat, hit the details, and it looks good! Plainer models, like marines or eldar guardians need a really solid layered paint job, and still sometimes don’t look amazing.

    1. Agreed on the painting, just saying that I’ve spent all the time I think a war-games army deserves already, without the painting – need to get on with playing. 😀

      1. I know what you mean – its one of the reason I like the Orks and Marines from the Black Reach set – simple to plug together and good to go! I don’t mind spending more time assembling a model for my armies leaders – oddly enough, with the GW special characters like Saint Celestine, or Captain Lysander (as opposed to a custom Captain or Canoness), these days they are easier to assemble than your basic troops.

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