Shrine II – Comment on the game etc.

Final positions:-

Well the game certainly took a while to play only because I had lots of breaks (interuptions) and wrote up and posted pictures ‘live’, so I started mid-morning Friday and completed about 8pm on Sunday yeah, a long while!

Planet-Strike rocks! It really encourages both sides to be ‘beardy’, with the defender setting up the terrain to gain maximum advantage, I set the Bastion and Shrine 14″ apart so that I could use the ‘Escape Hatch’ stratagem to ambush any DE occupying the Shrine, and the attacker getting the pre first turn Firestorm attack, I used the Scorched Skies Stragagem to increase the attacks from 1d6 to 2d6 and then the ‘Crash & Burn’ Stratagem to throw down a space craft onto the battlefield – great fun πŸ˜€

The Plans:

Thinking about the DE attack stratagy I was torn between two plans the both called for maximum effort on the first turn and both called for the total destruction of the deployed Battle Sisters, the difference was in the ‘hard’ targets, do I target the Bastion or the Exorcists? I chose the Exorcists and failed almost completely in surpressing them during the game.

The Kabalite Warriors in Raiders are brilliant! They would be best used in concert with Wyches in a Raider. In short equip both Raiders with a Disintegrator Canon and Chain Snares and the Warriors with a Splinter Rack, fly both over the target unit(s), that’s 2 times d3+1 S4 attacks, dismount the Wyches in assault distance of the target, fire both the Raiders canons, that’s 2 timesΒ  3 x S5 attacks, fire the Warriors Splinter rifles and re-roll any misses (Splinter Racks),Β  use the Wyches to ‘mop-up’ anything that’s left.

For Venom’s take Cluster Caltrops d6 S4 attacks – same tactics.

The first part of the game was never quite as decicive as the DE needed it to be – LOTS of Sisters falling but the odd few hanging on to spoil the plan.

The Sisters plan was quite simple, survive the initial Firestorm and turn one, then slow the DE advance until launching a ‘last-minute’ counter attack to seize objectives.

And it almost worked!! Had the game ended on turn 5 the Sisters would have been victorious, alas, the DE counter push in turn 6 regained lost ground for them and had the game not ended they would probably won by at least 1 objective and possibly 2.

Most usful aspect of the Sisters army was their 3+ save, the Aegis defences around the Exorcists giving them each a 4+ cover save and moving the Arch-Confessor (BS5) up to the Quad Gun (BS2) now, a BS2 Quad Gun twin linked is good but one with BS5 is brilliant!

The Sisters heavy weapons, not the heavy weapon armed troops, did sterling work not only taking out the DE heavy stuff, but each turn compensating for the lack of Sisters on the ground.

Biggest disapointment for the DE was Lelith – she and her Wyches were held by those 3+ saves!!

A thoroughly enjoyable game which, dispite early indications, went to the line and was probably more of a DE win but not by the sort of marging they would have wanted.


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  1. Lilith held by 3+ saves? She hits with pinpoint precision – the enemy doesn’t get saves against her attacks. Always worth taking the agonizer for wyches too to get past teh saves as well.

    Sounds like a great game though – my grey knights got tabled by Tau yesterday, so not as close at all πŸ™‚

    How did you find the acts of faith? I think they play a little better, even though they aren’t as flexible. Retributors become awesome (well, heavy bolters and heavy flamers), dominions become expert shots, seraphim blow the hell out of people, repentia take down the foe with them, battle sisters get a little bit better all around and celestians and the canoness become close combat monsters. Just enough to potentially give the sisters an edge.

  2. I knew I’d forget something thats probably balanced out by forgetting for fire the exorcist in one turn!
    Faith points helped to stem the tide but I always either had too few points or too few units to effectively use them!
    But yes a lot easier to use.

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