Shrine part 2

This is the 6′ x 4′ table layout only the Exorcist’s are currently deployed.

The Sisters deployment is as follows:-

Two Battle Sisters Squads and the two Seraphim Squads are in reserve.

There are 4 objectives:-

The Bastion, The Shrine, The Command Bunker and The Comms Bunker.

Firestorm Turn.

The DE have the ‘Scorched Skies’ strategem so roll 2D6 getting 7 + 4 for the number of objectives= 11 Firestorm attacks.

The Firestorm attacks resulted in Exorcist (red) loosing its Hunter-Killer missile, the Flamer Retributer squad and the Battle Sister Squad both loosing 1 figure but both passing their pinning tests.

Turn 1. Objectives:- SoB=4 / DE=0

DE Player Turn.

Crash and Burn!! –  with a sonic boom the DE direct a captured Imperial ship into the battlefield!

Four debris fragments hit the battlefield one, shattered into a million pieces on the Comms Bunker without causing any damage, another crashed harmlessly behind the bunker, one casualty was caused in the Battle Sister squad and the last piece smashed into the flamer Retribution Squad taking out the Retributor Superior and two Retributors the final Sister stood her ground FOR THE EMPEROR!.

The rest of the DE turn:-

The following DE units will enter on turn 1

1 x Wyches Raider

2 x Kalabite Warrior Raiders and Archon



2 x Ravagers

The landing and Movement.

The Razorwing and the two Ravagers moved in from the dropzone and started their targeting proceedures while the Raiders of the Wyches and Kalabite Warriors landed almost on target, the Wyches dismounted. The Scourges barely missed splatting into the Exorcist and were targeted by the Quad Gun but only suffered 1 casualty (twin linked but BS 2)

Shooting next.

The Razorwing launches a Shatterfield missile at the Battle Sisters (S7& reroll misses) all hit! But only one casualty, The Razorwing followed up with 2 Dark Lance shots and took out another Sister.

The Kabalite Warriors open fire with their Splinter Rifles (re-roll misses with the Splinter Rack fitted to thr Raider) and wound on 4+ (poison)

The Wyches open fire on the Battle Sisters as does the other Raider with it’s splinter canon both without effect, but the splinter rifles from the Raider cause one more wound, which is just too much for the unit and they flee!

The Scourges fire on the Retributers on the Command Bunker roof (12 shots!) and fail to wound (those 3+ saves).

One of the Ravegers opens fire on the Shrine and destroys the Void-Shield, the other one opens fire on the Penitant Engine stunning it so that is unable to move or fire.

The Scourges charge the Retributers each suffering one wound so the combat is a draw.

SoB Turn 1. Act of Faith points=1

One Seraphim Squad and one Battle Sisters Squad enter the battle from the drop zone edge and one Battle Sister Squad entered from the side, the Arco Flagelents burst from the Comms Bunker ready to engage the Wyches.

The fleeing Battle Sisters re-group

The Seraphim move closer to the Ravager.


The Battle Sister squad that entered from the drop zone targeted the nearest ravager – 20 shots, 11 hits, 15 with the act of faith rerolls – 3 glancing hits, one scores a modified 5 – Ravager destroyed!

The Seraphim Squad open up on the other Ravager only destroying one of its weapons.

The other Battle Sister squad opens fire on the Raider close to it and destroys its weapon

Exorcist Red sent 5 missiles streaking towards the DE Razorwing and scored 3 unsaved penetrating hits 2 of which were enough the send the Xeno monstrosity plunging from the skies!

The Bastion opened fire on thr last Ravager and in spite of only BS2 managed a glancing hit that wreaked it!

Close Combat.

The Retributors continued their struggle with the Scourges, and suffer one casualty without inflicting any but stay in the fight!

The Arco Flagelents crash into the Wyches and inflict 3 casualties while receiving only 1 but the Wyches held

Turn 2. Objectives:- SoB=3 / DE=0 / Contested = 1

DE Movement

The only unit to arrive from reserve were the Reavers, they arrived by Deep Strike and scattered to an empty piece of roadway infront of the Comms Bunker and were fired at by the Quad Gun without success.

The Reavers and all the Raiders moved to pass over troops, and a combination of Chain Snares and Cluster Caltrops destryoed the remnents of the Battle Sisters squad, the Flamer Retributors and inflicted 1 wound on the Canoness


Splinter Rifle Fire from the Raider at the north edge caused 6 casualties but the Sisters held firm, A Dark Lance shot from the Raider by the road smashed harmlessly into the Aegis wall by the side of Exorcist Red. The Reaver Arena Champion fired his Heat Lance at Exorcist Red and it was again saved by its cover.

Close Combat.

The Scourges inflicted another casualty on the Retributor squad without loss but the Sisters held.

The Wyches took out 2 more Flagelents for only one loss in return.

SoB Turn 2. Act of Faith points=6

The remaining Seraphim failed their reserve roll so failed to turn up this turn!


The Seraphim at the eastern edge of the board moved towards the center as did the Battle Sisters who also managed to run 6″ against the Seraphim who only manages 1″ (those heavy jump packs!). The Canoness moved to support the flagelents while the remnents of the other Squad moved to take whatever shots it can against the Raider. The remaining units stayed in the Command Bunker and Bastion.


The Battle Sisters shooting at the Raider scored 3 hits but were unable to penetrate the Raider’s armour.

The Bastion fired at the Raider and missed.

Close Combat.

The Scourges inflicted another casualty on the Retributors withut loss but the Retributers still held.

The Canoness charged into the melee between the Wyches and Flagelents and caused 1 loss to the Wyches but failed to prevent the loss of the Flagelent unit.

Turn 3. Objectives:- SoB=3 / DE=0 / Contested = 1


DE Movement & Shooting

I started this phase the the sound of Wagner’s ‘Die Walkure’ – every Sisters unit not in CC with the exepion of the Penitent Engine, suffered casualties when the DE moved, more casualties were caused in the shooting phase, in addition, the Engine lost one of it’s weapons and the Exorcist Black is shaken (the casulty ratio at the moment is 5 to 1 in favour of the DE!).

DE Assault Phase.

Only 2 assaults the Scourges lost 1 figure with no losses to the Retributor’s while the Canoness lost one wound while despatching one of the Wyches.

SoB Turn 3. Act of Faith points=1 🙁


The Reserve Seraphim finally arrived at the northern edge.

All other movement was to maximise flamer coverage.

The units in the Bastion and Command Bunker stayed put!

The Arch Confessor moved onto the roof of the Bastion (now it gets to fire with BS5!).


The Battle Sister squad at the eastern edge gain the ‘Light of the Emperor’ act of faith.

They used it well, accounting for 5 Wyches but they did not run!

The Quad Gun managed to immobilise the Venom of the Trueborn.

The Bloodbrides dismounted from the Venom suffered 3 flameing casulties but did not run.

The Penitent Engine flamed away one of the reavers

The Commad Squad heavy bolters immobilised the Kabalite Wrriors Raider.

Exercist Red removed another Reaver.


The Wyches brought down the Canoness without loss.

The Scourges removed the last Melta Retributer leaving just the Retributer Superior.

Turn 4. Objectives:- SoB=1 / DE=1 / Contested = 2

Body count ratio 2.43 to 1 in favour of the DE


Kabalite Warriors dimount from their Raider and move towards the Command Squad.

The Kabalite Trueborn dismounted and moved towards the Serephim at the north egde.

The Raider manuvered to gain a shot at the Engine.


Again all unengaged Sisters units suffered losses, the Command Squad lost 2 members but the remaining member survived 20 shots!


Lelith and the Wyches inspite of having 19 attacks only managed to inflict 1 wound (damn 3+ saves)

The Seraphim lost another one but managed to take 2 Trueborn out.

The Last Command Heavy Bolter was taken by the Wyches.

And the Retributor Superior swapped blows with the Scourges to no effect.

SoB Turn 4. Act of Faith points=6!

No movement – am going to hold the last 2 units in their bunkers until next turn!


The Quad Gun fired on the downed Venom taking out its Splinter Canon.

The Penitent Engine Fired its flamers at the Reaver with no effect.

With a devestating show of firepower Exorcist Red destroyed the last Reaver.

Exorcist Black failded to hit it’s target.


The Battle Sisters and Lelith’s Squad both suffered 1 loss no one broke.

The Kabalite Truborn Destroyed the Seraphim.

The Bloodbrides and Sisters just swapped blows as did the Retributor Superior and Scourges.

Turn 5. Objectives:- SoB=2 / DE=1 / Contested = 1

Body Count Ratio:  2.84 to 1 in favour of the DE.

Well that’s all I have time for today, with 2 lots of friends ‘popping in’ the day was shorter than I had expected.

With an extra hour today and not having to go out until 12:00 thought I might get a chance to play some more…

The Last DE Warriors and the Xran-Kal dismount from their Raider and move to the Command Bunker.

The other Warrior unit moved towards the Shrine.

The remainder of the Wych unit that cleared out the Command Squad moves back towards the Command Bunker.

The remnents of the Trueborn move to support the Bloodbrides.

The two Raiders that are still mobile swap positions and the Venom moves to contest the Shrine.


Only one shot from the Raider with its Dark Lance which was spectacluarly successful as the Peninent Engine explodes leaving a smoking crater.

The Wyches and Kabalite Warriors Fleet 2 and 3 inches respectivly.


Lileth and the Wyches trade a casualty with the Sisters.

The combined might of the Trueborn and the Bloodbrides slaughtered the Battle Sisters at the north edge.

The Scourges finaly cut down the Retributer Superior.

SoB Turn 5. Act of Faith points=4

Movement (The Imperium Strikes Back!)

The Sisters Repentia burst from the escape hatch 18″ from the Bastion in assault range of the Warrors and the last Battle Sister Squad sallied forth from the Command Bunker lead by the flamers!


The Venom by the Shrine was reduced to atoms by the blistering fire of the Quad Gun on the Bastion and a heavy bolter meted out the same fate to the Reader by the Bastion.

Shooting from both Exorcists only managed to reduce the Warriors advancing on the Shrine by 3.

A combination of the packed formation of the Warriors, Flamers and Bolters resulted in the Warrior unit attacking the Command Center to be wiped out with the exception of Xran-Kal! (go Sisters)


Lileth and the Sisters once again swap casualties.

The Repentia’s managed to reduce the Warriors to 2 members with the loss of 2 themselves.

End of turn roll of 4, the game continues

Turn 6. Objectives:- SoB=2 / DE=1 / Contested = 1

Body Count Ratio:  1.63 to 1 in favour of the DE.

Well that’s all I have time for today, I hope to be able to conclude this battle sometime Monday!

Well got back in time to do more Sunday evening so..

DE movement

One Raider moved over the Battle Sister Squad causing 1 casualty and took aim at Exorsist Red.

Meanwhile the Bloodbrides and Trueborn split up and both made their seperate ways towards the Shrine.


The Raider managed to get a shot through the rear armour of Exericist Red and managed to immobilise it!

The other Raider fired its Dark Lance at the Battle Sisters and scored one casualty!


Lelith and the Hekartix finaly slaughtered the remains of the Battle Sister squad and consolidated 2″ towards the Bastion.

The Cabalite Warriors and Repentia’s swaped casualties.

SoB Turn 6. Act of Faith points=4


The Battle Sister Squad moved to target Xran-Kal


Xran-Kal shrugged off 8 hits from the Sisters!

Exorcist Red targeted the Scourges but only managed to take out 2 the Solorite stood firm!

The Quad Gun targeted Lelith and the Hekatrix and both shrugged off the hits.

Exorcist Black loosed 5 shots to wipe out the Trueborn.

Turn 7. Objectives:- SoB=1 / DE=1 / Contested = 1 /Neither=1

Body Count Ratio:  1.54 to 1 in favour of the DE.

Game Turn roll = 4, the game ends!

Now, the game is technically a DRAW but,

The Sisters will claim that the Shrine is occupied by the SPIRIT of St. Aspira therfore giving them 2 objectives to the DE 1!


The DE will claim that the high caualties inflicted on the Sisters count as a win – 76% were taken back to Commorragh as a gift for Vect, including the Canoness!


Vect received the gift and in his mercy had the Canoness flayed and returned to the cult, thus was created The Cult of the Flayed Nun!

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