The Campaign for the South Update #4

With Eric heading off towards Abydos in pursuit of the Rat army the local commander left at crossing received disturbing news, the remainder of the Rat army was preparing to move off and there was only one logical direction for their travel – north through Narrow Way! Realising that his current force could not stop the oncomming horde he sent word back to hasten and reinforcements that were on their way and sent an envoy to a local Dwarf clan, known to be fearsom warriors.

The Dwarf clan known as Leons received the envoy and assured him that they would send out their entire army, once their sacred Beer Festival was over, in another week. The envoy pleaded with their leaders until one named Edas pledged to leave immediatly with his personal guard!

That night down from the hills ready to defend Narrow Way came Leon Edas and his 300 warriors!

The stage is set for the next round of The Campaign for the South, I plan to fight this battle in about a week (I hope)

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