Overlords Conversion Challenge 3

Well, my first attempt hasn’t been particularly well received, which is a shame.

The main criticisms are:

the base isn’t custom enough

the backpack is too large.

The first isn’t really an issue, as adding additional customisation is always part of the plan, but the overlarge backpack (and axe), though quite 40Kish and overblown steampunk, is a valid criticism.

I am, therefore, going to try looking at using Rosie as the main base model, adding green stuff robes, using a cutdown marine backpack with another devastator servo-arm and the smaller maxmini steampunk axe where her wrench is.

3 Replies to “Overlords Conversion Challenge 3”

  1. Aww… I liked her. The axe was kind of fun.

    Thanks for the cloak link- I clicked and read earlier and it was pretty useful.

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