Sisters of the Cleansing Flame (pt2)

Well the PBI can’t be expected to do it all themselves so here’s where they get a little help from their friends:-

Just got to love those Immolators

Lots of flame and always at least one in the force.

Exorcists CAN pack a punch

And sometimes not 🙁

But who cares? they look really cool and always form part of my army.

The Penient Engine, another regular

which can sometimes deliver the goods

I would field more than one but for the (real) cost 😀

The only male in the force only because I can’t find the right seated female figure

I suppose that Karamazov and the Penitent Engine above are some of my favourite models

Both are the result of my dissatisfaction with the first paint job

Both were stripped (Nitro-Morse again) and repainted.




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