Abydos, the battle

The battle started with units of  the Ratguard and Ratguard Muskets storming across Longbridge, the Empire artillery opened the score by firing down the length of the bridge and with the shot bounce inflicted casulties on four units each shot!

In spite of the canon and crossbow fire the Ratguard made it to the walls an errected the scaling ladders unfortunatly the tailback from the center battalion blocked the bridge preventing any other units, in particular the Ratguard Muskets from exiting the bridge and left them open to the murderous fire from the Empire artillery.

At the other end of the bridge the press of Rats was increasing to a point where the only direction any unit could go was forward, this is when Eric’s force charged and opened fire, two of the units charged home with the target of the third charge evading into another Rat unit increasing the crush.

While Eric was slicing and dicing on his side of the river the green bannered Ratguard battalion broke into the fort only to be met by a determined counter charge by the second line of defence.

About the same time that Eric’s force was begining to withdraw through exhaustion the Crossbowmen on walls did the same and reformed on the cobblestoned road.

Fortunatly before the Rats could move to take advantage of the situation the Empire counter attack in the courtyard forced the Ratguard back in confusion that in turn spread to the units outside the walls in effect halting the Rat assault with shouts of  “La retraite de la Garde”.

Post game.

Well it was a victory (just) for the Empire but a huge strategic defeat for Skreechnor, I still have to do the post battle calculations for losses but I recon that with the reserve left at Crossing and what is likely to make it back from this one the Rats will be left with an army about the same size but with little or no reserve.

What could have gone differently?

Well from the Rats perspective the traffic jam off the bridge was the real killer, the Ratguard Muskets should have been sent in first to soften up the defenders and allow The Ratguard to take up positions. At the other and of the bridge the press was such that no unit could change facing so that when they were charged they couldnt fight back!

From the Empire point of view it couldn’t have gone better, Eric arriving on turn one gave him the opportunity to manouver for maximum effect with the squash of Rats not able to  fight back and Longbridge just turned into ‘Shooting Rats in a barrel’.

Skull Cleaver worked well, the only problem I (Skreechnor) had was unlimbering most of the Artillery, the Guard artillery got into acion but for some reason the rest of them didn’t (?).

Reinforcement arrivals are handle by the program and completely wrong footed me, I thought Eric would arrive sometime after turn 3!

Other random events are good, on the Empire side the sub commander ‘froze’ for one turn and his command was unable to do anything but react as was the case on the Rat side when one sub  commander fell down drunk! – They managed to get him up on his paws in the next turn 🙂

All good fun.


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