Buildings of Malifaux

With the birth of Lena’s baby girl Nicolia last week, Friday turned into a visit to the hospital so, no gaming work done, still it was good to see Lena and her Mother and Aunt and Nicolia of course!

So after swimming on Saturday I pushed the unfinished Napoleonic 20mm Russian infantry to one side and opened the ‘Buildings of Malifaux’ box.

Now there are a couple ofย  You Tube videos that show the contents of the box and I suggest viewing those.

Also I must point out that to use ‘The Buildings’ you would also need a least one box of ‘Terraclips’ sold seperatly!

The instructions on the box are very basic but the system, for the most part is intuitive, that said I would have liked a flyer with some instructions on putting together a structure from the contents of the box!

Down to bussiness, I ripped open the box punched out some components, they come away very cleanly and easily, and after one (or two) rebuilds produced this:-

Ground floor with door

added the first floor

and roof!

Nice little building and quickly put together, only I used about two thirds of the ‘L’ Terraclips, either I’m going to need loads of boxes of clips (arround 9 quid a box) or putting together single buildings is not the way to go!

Take two, I figured a little planning would be a good idea and this is the result:-

and now with some Middle Earth adventurers

and some 20mm figures

A small amount of work added a balcony

Putting the buildings together is very easy and with most things with a bit of practice you’ll be able to build very quickly, my only issues are that although the mix of parts in the box seems very comprehensive I’m not sure that you would be able to build the structure shown on the box with the contents also, as a beginner, I’m not sure there is enough gable ends. I used all of the Terraclips ‘L’ clips so, without some redesigning I can’t add any more.

Having said that the components are of quality manufacture and represent a very flexible and versitile set, I already have the compainion set ‘Streets of Malifaux’ but need to get another box of Terraclips to be able to use it with the buildings.

I plan to ‘play around’ with the current build and will post any updates worth note.

Although the 20mm figures don’t look too bad scale wise, the figure in the doorway is actually 22mm from the flat of his feet to his eyes, the style of the buildings is a little too Fantasy for Naploeonic gaming but will make a great addition to my LotR gaming ๐Ÿ˜€


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